Has a moderator ever admitted he/she was wrong?

I’m curious to know if anyone has a cite of a moderator admitting they were wrong. I’m sure they exist, I’d just like to see who/where/when/how. This thread is not meant to be as passive-aggressive as it sounds.

I said I was wrong once, but it turned out I was right after all.

You’ve already been pitted once this week, Eutychus, I wouldn’t push it if I were you.

UncleBeer admits he is wrong all the time.

Oh. You mean publicly.


Twice, if you count that pitiful attempt at self-pitting.

Well, there was this one time.

Wow, that thread now has two admissions in it! That has to be a record…

Here’s a classic, and classy, example thereof.

Here are the two threads where Manhattan called the Catholic church a child sex cult and subsequently apologized for it.


I made a mistake once, it was in 1993, it was in May, I think it was a Tuesday, and I apologized for it.

Oh, you mean the rest of the time it was deliberate.

You shouldn’t make a moderator apologize, Johnny. My uncle made a moderator apologize once. Once.

I admit that I’m wrong all the time.

No, that’s wrong. It was definitely a Thursday.

I’ve never made an error while functioning as an SDMB Moderator.

I love you Scylla. I love you just about as much as I can love a conservative I have never met. It’s because you make me laugh.

It was April of 2000 when you apologized for it.

I’ve been thinking it’s about time we did something about these mods. Think about it:

  • they probably possess WMD in the sense that they could ban us all at a stroke if they wished. This is the internet message board equivalent of a nuclear bomb, it would wipe us all out.

  • they have links to terrorism. I’ve seen them allow links to other sites on the internet.

They sit there in their fine palaces dining off the blood shed by the likes of you and I. We, the prolitariate, give of ourselves daily just to keep this whole ship afloat.

I suggest a pre-emptive strike on the admin. The aim in particular would be to take out the head of the regime, Tuba Diva, but if any mods stood in our way…well

Wake up people, we’ve allowed these tyrants to stand for too long!!!

I see no reason to rush into this. Think about the possible loss of posts, or even whole threads! Remember “The wineter of our discontent?” Do you want to go through something like that again?

No. NO! I say! We must work together. Members from GQ, GD, CS, MPSIMS, and yes, even the PIT. If we work together with oversight from Cecil, there would be no need for this pre-emptive strike you speak of.

Besides which, we can clearly see you ask for this strike for the sole benefit of yourself. You want cheaper…smilies. You want avatars, and editing powers. You just want to storm the board and take these powers when they aren’t rightfully yours. I will say this.

You sir, are a bully!

Stupid submit button… I swear it said preview!

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