Has anybody ever heard of Snack (TM) bars?

I was just talking to an online friend of mine, and he complained that he didn’t like chocolate and peanuts mixed together, except in Snack[sup]TM[/sup] bars. However, he said that nobody seemed to sell them anymore in our area. That may or may not be true… but then I’ve certainly never heard of the things before he told me about them!

So has anybody else ever heard of Snack[sup]TM[/sup] bars, and if so, are there any places that sell them? I’m not looking to get a whole shipment sent to me, mind you. All I want is maybe leads on where to get them, so I can tell my friend about them; I’m not doing this for myself! (but are they any good?)

Is it possible he’s misunderstanding, or mishearing, or miscalling, “Snickers” bars?

Could be… I’ll ask.

There is such a thing as Cadbury’s Snack(UK), but it’s just six little chocolate covered shortcake biscuits; I don’t think they make a peanut version.

Actually, there are three types of Snack bars:

The choclate coered shortcake biscuits
Chocolate covered pink wafers
Chocolate covered (jersy cream style) biscuit

All made by Cadburys
Mangetout, with a name like yours I’m surprised you didn’t know that!
Now I’m hungry

So am I… eating a Neilson[sup]TM[/sup] Malted Milk bar right now, as a matter of fact. I think for lunch, I’ll have some noodles and soup…

Thanks, all! I’ll see what he thinks of these answers! :slight_smile: