Has anyone else noticed this secret of "The Perfect Storm?"

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but one day while I was browsing the video store, I passed by the box for The Perfect Storm, and something about it caught my eye.

I noticed very subtle, yet quite discernable, “faces” in the menacing wave on the cover. If you look closely, you can find them. I picked it up and studied it, and there are skulls, devils and one that looks sort of like the Greek God, Neptune. I have no “number” count of how many there are hidden in the wave, but they are there.

I asked my mom to look at it and see if she could see them, and she saw them too. They are easier to spot on the poster, due to its enlargement. But if you look, they are on the box too. It’s the same picture.

Anyone else seen this?

If your are talking about this picture, I studied it for awhile, and couldn’t find any of the aforementioned faces.

I just wanted to say I opened this thread immediately after starting a Gravity Kills MP3 and it was weird seeing that sig file…another one of the many coincedences I experience every day…

And you know what’s even freakier? Yesterday, I was looking at some clouds, and it was subtle, but I plainly saw a bunny, a ducky, and a horsey! Conspiracy? We must investigate!

Didyou ask your Mom “Hey, look at all the faces in this picture” or “Do you see anything odd about this picture?”

It’s kind of lke the ‘backward masking’ on albums. The people who said it was there would go on TV shows, radio shows, etc., and say 'OK, Now here you can clearly hear the phrase “satan lick me” ', then they would play the track. Since you have been clued in on what to hear, you would hear it. If you weren’t told what to hear, you wouldn’t hear it.

Also the human mind is very good at discerning ‘faces’ where there aren’t any.

Even with your hints, I couldn’t see the faces in the waves, either. Oh well.

“Good teenagers take off your clothes.”

Ever been bored in school or in an office or something? Stare at the ceiling, the carpet, the walls… you’ll see SOMETHING in the big mottling of random jumble.

It’s probably the power of suggestion, but I can see 'em. Directly in front of the boat, go northeast about an inch, there’s one, sorta looks like a gorilla to me. Go past the outstretched spar on the right about two inches east and one inch north, there’s another. From the right rearmost portion of the boat, go west about three inches, another.

Are these intentional? I doubt it. As noted, power of suggestion. I’m guessing on the inches here, I don’t know the actual size.


Spoofe is right. Once about ten years ago (when I was quite stoned), I saw the face of Patrick Stewart in the floral pattern of a couch. And somehow I knew that he wanted to kill me.

The mind is a terrible thing to get wasted.


Couldn’t see anything in the waves. There’s a dude in the sky who seems to be in the process of losing an eyeball. Perhaps he upset Coldfire.

Didn’t look too hard, though, for the reasons already cited. You really don’t want hallucinations, however cool they might be for the first few moments. And that is what you’re experimenting with, although it may not seem so: auditory hallucinations, for example, are often constructed by the brain getting creative with a sound it DOES hear and turning it into something which fits a paranoid mindset. I don’t see any reason why visual ones shouldn’t be able to work the same way, and I don’t want to see devils and skulls anyway. MagicalSilverKey, you have a very creative mind, not to mention one of the finest usernames on the board. Fill it up with good wholesome stuff. I sentence you to three days watching Alan Alda movies.

Sheesh… was that me? Taking all this kinda seriously, ain’t I? Sorry…

Can’t believe I’m wasting more time here, but… the picture that is linked above is not exactly the same picture that is on the DVD I have at hand. It’s the same picture, but some of the waves have been rearranged and the position of the boat is not the same. FWIW, my “gorilla” face is in the extreme upper right corner of the picture as it appears in the link.

Done with this thread forever…


FWIW I find it interesting that there is intentionally an obvious penis in the tower of the original cover of The Little Mermaid but the spooky faces in the wave cannot be accepted as being there.

Everyone makes some good points, and either you do see the faces or don’t. However, none of us knows for sure if the artist deliberately hid such images in the art or not. As I mentioned, I initally noticed the faces in passing, and found more upon a second look. It’s kind of hard to fool myself under that sort of circumstance. Yes, it could be only my imagination, but I find it unlikely.

IMHO, if the artist did hide these images in the wave, I think it fits with the story very well, especially at the climax of the film, because they present the wave as an almost living entity.

I guess we will have to go directly to the artist (or Cecil) on this one for the truth, eh?

Brian Wilson Key lives, apparently.

He wrote “Subliminal Seduction” back in the 70s, where he claimed that advertisers were intentionally burying suggestive words and images in ice cube reflections, smoke, and such in advertisements. A lot of people thoughht Key just had way too much time on his hands. The funniest thing was when some ads DELIBERATELY (And obviously) put things in the ice cubes in their ads in response.

As for The Perfect Storm box, the effects were computer generated using random pattern generation software for the waves. I’ll bet that those “faces” are simply fortuitous artifacts, like the things you see in clouds.

When I was a bored altarboy I used to pick out the most amazing things in the veins in the marble church walls during long sermons.

LOL, Cal I was just reading about that guy in the columns…for those who want to know more about who/what Cal is talking about, look here in Cecil’s archive.

What a fake wave! Want to see a real wave, perhaps a guy surfing a 66’ high wave at Mavericks in SF or Cortes bank? See & read about it at swell.com

See if you see any faces in those waves. ha!

Yeah, I noticed the seceret and here it is
The Perfect Storm Sucked

Thank you, Thank you, I’ll be here all week

Second, if the ship didn’t come back how could they have wrote what happened to it truthfully???

Exactly!! That’s why this movie sucked. It was pretty good up until the ending. If even one of them would have survived to tell the story, I probably would have loved this movie.

As for the demons in the picture, I see a face in the upper left corner. It kind of looks like a baby’s face as seen in a sonogram. I see a few things in the waves that kind of look like skulls, but not that many.

My mom has a lace shower curtain and I swear it has the Roadrunner’s face all over it. Every time I sit down to pee over there I have about 20 Roadrunner’s watching me. It’s really freaky!

Dunno why you’re harping on the movie. All it did was follow the book, with a few liberties here and there. But the book was great, and pretty up front about not knowing exactly what happened. The author takes what is known and makes a reasonable conclusion based on the capabilities of the boat and the state of the seas.

I was told to read the book first, and I did. Then I saw the movie. I thought it was great and stayed pretty true to the book. Had I not read the book first, I’m sure I wouldn’t have liked the movie as much as I did.

Ditto flyboy88. I read the book, and then saw the movie and I enjoyed both very much. I think most of the people who don’t like the movie didn’t bother to read the book, and are missing the whole point of the movie.

That said, I see shapes & images everywhere. I saw the image of god in a real-estate ad once, called the realtor, and he had no clue what I was talking about. I felt really stupid and now I keep my sightings to myself.

I can see one immediately to the left of the movie title. It even looks like it has pupils (the figure’s left eye is almost under the P in Perfect).

If it’s not intentional, it’s a pretty cool accident. I’m not sure, myself-- like other posters in this thread I’ve picked “faces” out of random patterns or objects before. Once, my mom and I both agreed that the neighbors’ hedges looked exactly like George Michael wearing sunglasses, circa 1987.