Has anyone here sewn their own iPod case?

So I got a 4th generation 40GB iPod for Christmas (woo-hoo!). It’s already begun getting fingerprints on it, and I’m scared it’s going to get scratches soon. I’ve considered buying one of the special storemade iPod cases to protect it, but let’s face it - they’re dull. I’m not the most experienced sewer but I can wield a needle with some success. I found this pattern that seems to be easy enough, but I’m still unsure about how well it’ll turn out.

Has anyone else sewn/knitted/otherwise made their own iPod case? How successful was it at protecting the iPod? Did you use a pattern? What fabric/material did you use? Do you have any special hints?

Wait, so you consider the aesthetics of your iPod to be of primary importance, so to protect it, you will sheath it in an ugly cloth iPod case? How does this not diminish from the aesthitics of the iPod?

Enjoy it, use it, and when it’s scratched, you can still enjoy and use it. I don’t get you iPod people.

Protect it with an iPod skin. Way cooler than a pouch.

Or get a transparent iPod jacket, like this one. Protects your toy while allowing you to show off its good looks.

Hey, that’s what I have! My dad, not known for giving the best Christmas presents (not for lack of trying - he’s just not that good at picking them out usually), did a fantastic job this year and one of the things he got me was that case. It’s pretty cool. It’s not completely transparent, but it does make your iPod have a cool grippy feel to it.
As for actually sewing a case… I wouldn’t try it, but I almost failed home ec in middle school. I think they do have printable skins or something you can stick on your iPod to jazz it up a bit, but I’m not sure if they protect it at all.

Hmmm, I actually kind of like that. $20 isn’t too obscene a price to pay, either. I had heard bad things about skins but this looks different. I should probably try it out.

I’ve been sufficiently happy with the skins from Trendy Geek.

They protect the screen, sides and back, and are thin enough that they don’t affect using the dock. The front of the iPod is unprotected though - after seven months, mine’s got a small scuff in the center of the clickwheel button and some scrapes at the bottom edge - probably from hitting things on the way into pockets. Neither’s enough to be ugly or even visible unless you’re looking for damage.