has anyone seen or heard from spice weasel recently?

Just wonderin cause I haven’t seen any post since she resigned from being a mod and she was detailing her experiences in adoption among other things and being one of my more favored posters …….

Without going into detail from a PM early in the summer, I don’t expect to see her back. I know I miss her presence.

Like, forever?

That’s what her profile says, yes. :frowning:

That makes me sad.

I’m sorry to hear that. If anyone is in contact, could you pass along my best wishes to her?

I’m sorry to hear that, too. I like her a lot.

She helped me alot. I wish her well.


I wish her well also. We never interacted much, but I found her to be a good, steadying presence here.

If someone in this thread is in touch with her please let her know she’s in our thoughts.

She was such an asset to the boards. I wish her well.

I sent a pm …her profile said she might see it

I miss her, too.

I Pmed her the thread and she sent this back:

that’s really sweet. Believe me, I miss you all sometimes, too. I met a lot of wonderful people on the Dope. Sometimes it takes a lot of resistance not to come back here.

Things are pretty good with me, all things considered. I’m hoping 2019 is the year we finally get our baby. March will mark our second year on the adoption waiting list. I’m shifting into free-lance writing and developmental editing, and I will be focused a lot on the business start-up and working to get published. As long as I’ve got Dom and my art, I’m happy. The most exciting thing I have going in 2019 so far is Rock Apocalypse. https://theauthorlife.com/rockapoc/ (sorry for some reason this browser is not letting me hyperlink or copy/paste or anything useful.) Short version: Writer’s retreat. Post-apocalyptic world-building session at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame culminating in collaborative fiction that will be published! I met these guys when I took a Story Grid (writing methodology) course. It’s really in these relationships that I think professional development as a writer lies. I am beginning to make some successful and helpful allies including some who want to share an editing platform with me once I am certified.

As for the Straight Dope, I don’t have a great relationship with the internet in general. I’m personally affected when people behave like callous assholes whether I know them or not. I’m just sensitive as hell. Maybe it’s something I will resolve in my lifetime, maybe not. There’s a lot to work through there that has noting at all to do with the internet. It’s not you, internet, it’s me.

Things are definitely done with my Mom. In March I found out that she not only knew about my abuse as young as age 11, she set up additional opportunities for him to do it in hopes of ''catching [us] in the act." The way she says it, it’s clear she views me as complicit and in her head was trying to catch her spouse cheating on her with her daughter. She is profoundly disturbed and there isn’t and never was any hope of a normal relationship.

The last time she reached out to me I told her never to contact me again. It’s killing my Mom that I won’t engage her in any but the most perfunctory way but there’s no schadenfreude there for me. It’s just a stupid tragedy and I’m sorry she’s suffering. I’m just no longer sorry enough to suffer along with her.

I have talked about my relationship with my Mom a lot on the Dope, and in all honesty a lot of the evolution in my relationship to her came from advice and support I received from the Dope. So Dopers would be proud to know I’m no longer torn about my relationship with my Mom. I don’t feel guilty any more. The relationship is over. The major driving force for that shift was EMDR. I’ve thought of updating my EMDR thread but that’s a can of worms I don’t really want to open. Sufficed to say there’s been a lot more progress and I’m still working at it.

I hope you are well. Feel free to share whatever you feel is appropriate with others on the Board. I will respond to PMs if anyone else wants to get in touch. I get an email message in my inbox whenever someone PMs me.

Take care

I’m friends with her on Facebook. She limits her time on the internet, so when I see a post pop up I always smile. She likes squishy things, so pictures of slugs, snails, and octopus/squids are always welcome.

Glad to see her update. Thanks. The general themes were there in my last messages with her but I didn’t have a feel free to share and the P in PM is for private. I didn’t have a “feel free to share.”

Glad to hear things are going well with you, Spice Weasel. Miss your posts but appreciate that social medias like the SDMB have pluses and minuses simultaneously. Best wishes!

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I was thinking about her just this morning. I miss Eve a lot, too.