Has Romney apologised to Britain?

Romney was not very polite about the British Olympics before they happened. They were a stonking success. Romney has been proven utterly wrong. Has he apologised yet?

Why should he? As far as he knows, nearly 100% of the British people pay no American taxes at all.

Only Obama apologizes.

For what? American greatness?

Yea, obviously the Olympic thing isn’t a big deal, but Romney basing his entire foreign policy around never apologizing for things seems like a stance engineered to bite him in the ass at some point down the line.

I don’t know that I’d say he was “utterly wrong” (and the record clearly shows I am anything but a Romney supporter). Everything he said was true; he just shouldn’t have said it. To the extent that he should have apologized, being right or wrong didn’t have anything to do with it.

Besides, if he hadn’t said it we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy David Cameron’s brilliant comeback.

“Yet”? Do you really think any politician will come back well after the fact and ask us to recall and judge them again on an earlier gaffe they made?

I think it’s more about pretending they didn’t happen.

“There’s no kill switch on awesome!” (Dilbert!)

Well, he did manage, on a goodwill tour, to get the British Prime Minister to pointedly insult him during a press conference. That’s a much bigger deal than insulting a beloved local bakery during a highly structured “lemonade and cookie” roundtable. OTOH, it’s perhaps not quite as big a deal as calling half of the country freeloading deadbeats.

The only benefit of an apology would be in how well it plays with the American electorate, or course. Romney has to decide whether apologising for an undiplomatic remark will win him more voters than are lost by being reminded that it happened in the first place.

The British public, as you quite rightly say, are irrelevant, and will continue not taking him seriously no matter what he does.

No, sorry. Only Democrats go on world apology tours.

Poe’s Law in full effect in this thread.

Yeah I was about to say…