Has Sarah Palin solved the Flight 370 Mystery?

Ms Palin believes that Og took the plane up to Heaven.

But… “What would Og want with a” used 777 jumbo jet? :stuck_out_tongue:

OK… lets try to prove her theory. Any ideas on how Og took this plane up to heaven and/or why?
“There is Rapture Only in the White Zone; Eternal Damnation is available in the Red Zone Only. A Reminder: Airport Guests may inquire about lost luggage at the Attendant Station at the Pearly Gate…”

Xenu already used his DC-8 and needed a new plane?

Before anyone gets too upset, for people not familiar with The Daily Currant:

It’s a joke site, with joke articles, like The Onion.

Carry on.

Tina Fey has said that she (Fey) can see Flight 370 from her house.

As much fun as it is to poke fun at the brain-dead, I’m a little put off by the use of “Og”. It just seems silly. Sarah thinks they may have flown directly to God, okay that’s preposterous. But the use of “Og” carries a sense of ridicule of religion, when it’s really only necessary to ridicule Sarah.

You almost had me there for a minute, Blucher!

Its always fun to combine ridicules.

I agree with this. I don’t care if you believe in him or not, and want to perpetuate the whole Og thing on this board, but the context of the article is that God took the plane to heaven, not Og. So why can’t you just say it?
Also it’s patently obvious why God did it: Like many of us, he lost that piece to his Monopoly board and needed a new one

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Get a clue, people.

If people make preposterous statements about their beliefs, it’s fair to ridicule the beliefs. People might believe that a plane crash was part of God’s design or that the people who died in the crash are in heaven now, but if anyone had actually said the plane disappeared into heaven, mockery would be called for.

Well, they are expensive and every penny counts. Maybe he couldn’t get financing for a new AirBus 330.

I’ll bet Mr. Deity has a use for one. Maybe to travel to Sheol to visit Lucy?

Makes sense, but my problem ( in this case) isn’t with the fact that mockery is taking place. It’s that the mockery isn’t accurate.

She said (and yes I know this is a fake article and she didn’t ACTUALLY say it) “God took them directly to heaven” she didn’t say “Og took them directly to heaven”. So if you’re going to make fun of her then make fun of her using the language she provided to make it accurate in its context.

If she said “Satan took them to hell” then you wouldn’t say “Nas took them to hell” you would quote her as she said it. The only difference is that you have a made-up word for God, and not a made-up word for Satan.

TLDR version: it’s humor.

Or… saying “Og” doesn’t make it inaccurate. It means you’re making fun of her for having beliefs about God that would be acceptable coming from a five-year-old but would sound batshit insane coming from an adult.

Sadly, fake articles are always far more intelligent than what Sarah Palin normally says. However, after looking at pictures of her before she cranked out the five rug rats , I’d have tapped that sweet,sweet dumb ass of hers.

Well, sure. But you wouldn’t vote for her, would you? :eek:

She as close to being in the White House now as she ever needs to be.

No, starting the thread is making fun of her for her beliefs, saying “Og” is making fun of other people for THEIR beliefs; but it has literally nothing to do with the article quoted, the context of the article quoted, or anything else.

Again, I don’t care about the article, or that the article was written. My argument has nothing to do with the article, or even the thread for that matter. My argument is that you’re unnecessarily using a form of language to describe something that doesn’t need describing.

“she” doesn’t believe that Og took the plane away, she believes God took the plane away, and whether or not you personally believe in God doesn’t matter in the context of the article. God is pervasive figure in the world and everyone is at least aware of who he is, so the substitution of language isn’t needed.

It may be a fake story, but it’s wrong, a misquote; the last syllable was dropped.

G-d didn’t take the plane, Godzilla did!!!
(That’s my story & I’m stickin’ to it)

C’mon, we’re dealing with Poe’s Law. It does sound exactly like something Sarah Palin would realistically say. Had it not been for the other satirical articles (“Ukraine Deploys Gay Men to Scare Off Russians”, “Marijuana Overdoses Kill 37 in Colorado On First Day of Legalization”, etc.) I would’ve bought it.

Don’t make comments like this in threads not about sex.