Hate to admit this but....

…I’m a complete Felicity junkie. Yes, that teeny-bopper show on the WB. How did I get started watching it? Who knows. It was a couple years after I dropped my one-time dream of going east to university, and maybe I tuned into the show in the hopes of capturing some of that feeling for myself.

Anyhow, I most confess that I’ve been hooked on Felicity since the beginning. Now as the new season approaches my curiousity burns stronger and stronger… and the crucial question beats in my ears with every heartbeat…

“Did Felicity choose Noel or Ben?”

My intuition tells me she chose Ben, but my naughty girl-parts are really really rooting for Noel. His eyes make me mushy! What a puppy dog he is. He makes Ben look like a nasty scruffy hounddog. Yuck.

So, on the minute chance that others watch Felicity [and I know you’re out there] and have the guts to admit it on here, I’d love to hear who you think Felicity spent her summer with.

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Something tells me you also like the Friends sit-com.

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Yickkk, no way… See, I knew admitting that I liked Felicity would give people the wrong idea.

Oh well, I guess there are no other saps out there.


OK, I like the show too. I pretend that I’m just channel surfing during commercials on another show, but the truth is ::taking a deep breath:: I really do watch Felicity.

I go for Noel too, Ben is such a geek and he has no lips. Not a very “kissable” mouth.

And why did she cut her hair??? Have you seen it? It’s horrible!

NO. :::hands over ears:::

WHO cut her hair- Felicity? Tell me true, did she really?

By the way, what’s your opinion of the whole Elena/old Prof romance?

Did you all see the Felicity shorts that they did for the Emmys? That was some of the funniest television I’ve seen in quite a while.