"Oh, REALLY, Lorelai..."

So, this is a thread for those of you who like the show “Gilmore Girls.” Inspired by Mr. Visible. (Like the thread title?) Anyway I have not watched in awhile, not since the season finale, though I should (since there are a bunch of “old” episodes I haven’t seen).

I watch the show with my mom (corny, no?) and my dad who seems to delight it mocking it.

So far I really like the mother, Emily- she’s quite funny. Not EVIL, but a bit close. Rory’s little zingers are a bit too comedic for a high schooler, but eh, it’s a TV show.

I kind of miss Rachel but this whole Luke-Lorelai thing might be kind of amusing. But then there IS the whole thing with the English teacher and the proposal so unless she’s into menage a trois…Hm.

Personally- I think all those girls who go to Rory’s school are utter bitches, but then we’re s’posed to think that, right? Paris is definitely quite odd. And I kind of find Tristin hot, but I guess I’m into the people you’re supposed to find slimy and evil. :slight_smile:

Oh one other thing- I found out Edward Herrman, the actor playing Lorelai’s dad/Rory’s grandmother was Max in “The Lost Boys”- so, whoohoo!!