Have a drink!

He’s on to me.

God bless’im. [urp] I think I’ll go get myself another one.

Right behind you–hic!Gorgon. This round’s on me…

It seems like he’s missing the rather obvious explanation, that rich people can afford more booze. Of course, without seeing more than this article, it’s hard to say. Just in case, I’m gonna go have a drink now.

Great, now you tell me. I was just gonna go on the wagon.

Oh, well, bottoms up!

Admittedly, I’d pay somebody less if I couldn’t blame their stupidity on alcohol.

Hmm…I drink a lot…I should go ask for a raise!

Hey, buddy, my raise is way overdue, and I should be getting 11%. (Fuckin’ salary freeze.)

Anyway, there’s all those empties… they’re worth something, no? :wink:

  • s.e.

That explains all those millionaires I see reeking of urine and passed out in doorways at 9 in the morning, holding an Evian bottle that smells suspiciously like gin.

Really interesting link though. Makes one sorta thirsty, eh?

I knew there was a good reason my liver was low-priority!

Here’ to you.... and here' to me…
and may we never di$agree.

But if we do…
the hell with you…
o, here' to me!


Hmmm… there’s a pub that’s five minutes from my apartment… maybe I should start frequenting it? :wink:

Why thank you, I will.

Too bad they didn’t involve me in the study. I would have skewed the results.