Have You ALWAYS Slept on the Same Side of the Bed?

It occurs to me that I have always slept on the side of the bed nearest the night stand/desk so that I could keep my glasses near to hand in my pre LASIK days, and to get to the alarm. But, which side of the bed that is changes on rare occasions. As a kid, I’ve had the night stand on the left and on the right when I rearranged the room. In college, sometimes the nightstand was on the left side, sometimes on the right if I relocated to another room. But once I started renting apartments, I only changed sides when I moved (and the layout of the new place required it). But I lived in the same place from 08 to 18 and so kept the table on the left side for 10 years. But now in my house it’s on the right.

This is not usually important but sometimes when I’m only half awake, I’ll forget where I am and will be lost until I fully wake up. Pre-LASIK, this made it hard to find my glasses sometimes. Also, I would sometimes think I was back in an earlier era and would wonder why there was a wall on the wrong side of the bed.

When I mentioned this to a friend, he said he has always kept his nightstand on the right side of his bed wherever he lived his whole life. He would base his room selection and layout to accommodate this.

Have any of y’all always kept the nightstand on the same side? Is it important to you, and why?

Since 1990, at least.

I got married in 1992, and then started sharing a bed with my wife; for as long as we’ve been married, I’ve slept on the right side of the bed. Prior to that, I slept on the right side in the apartment where I’d lived from 1990-92, due to how my old bed fit in my bedroom (having my nightstand on the right side worked better).

That said, when I’m at a hotel by myself, I seem to be kind of ambidextrous; sometimes I’ll wind up sleeping on the left side of the bed, because it’s the side that’s closer to the bathroom.

Ever since I started sleeping in a double bed, yes. Don’t really have a preference for single beds, the bedside table can be either side. But I always sleep on the same side of a double (even when I’m the only person in there, like at a hotel on a work trip)

Always: the side closest to the window.

Usually I sleep on the side of the bed that’s most convenient to the nightstand or bathroom access.

At home, my bed is in a corner with walls on the right side and foot, and dog beds on the floor along the left open side. My nightstand is at the head. I crawl in and out the upper left corner so I don’t trip over the dog beds.

I need to reorganize my room because I have had several unfortunate interactions with that nightstand. I’m getting too old for this shit. At least it’s not just a mattress on the floor…to the dogs’ irritation.

It changes as the location changes. The general rule is: Mrs. 74westy sleeps on the side that’s easiest to get in an out of and I sleep on the other side. So at home I sleep on the left. At the lake the right side is against the wall so I sleep on the right.

I don’t even have a preferred side of the bed that I know of. I think I tend to like the wall side, if there is a wall side. But not always. The current bed set-up (not against the wall) has me sleeping on the left side of the bed, from the sleeper’s POV, but in the old house I was on the right, I think. My wife determines what side I sleep on. I don’t care.

I have, as far as I can recall. I’m always on the right hand side (laying supine).

The Mrs and I started sharing a bed routinely on Jan 1st, 1980 when we moved in together, and I’ve been on ‘my’ side of the bed, unchanging, ever since. (except when we get real kinky and switch sides to make it seem like we’re with someone else)

If we have a motel room where we have to have two separate beds, I’m still on ‘my’ side.

We just had our 41st wedding anniversary this Monday past. You do the math.

I remember a newspaper comic strip where a husband and wife are in a hotel room in their PJs and she’s standing, saying “Ahem,” at him sitting on the side of the bed.

Next panel he’s sitting on the other side, breaking the fourth wall with, “Choose wisely on your wedding night for that shall be your side of the bed forever.”

Sheesh, Dopers! Don’t you get that right or left is meaningless unless you say from what POV?!?

A sleeper lying on his back or his stomach?

ISTM that the only simple unambiguous POV is that of a person looking at it from the foot of the bed. So which did you mean from that POV?

Sorry. I didn’t realize it was so important to you. Just so it’s not ambiguous, I sleep on the south side.

Thank you! That clears everything up. See, people, all it takes is a little clarity.

In my case, saying “I sleep on the right side,” it’s my POV while lying in bed on my back. If my wife is in bed with me, she’s on my left side; my nightstand and alarm clock are on my right side.

Sleeper head to the headboard, feet to the foot of the bed, facing the ceiling. I tend to sleep on my stomach, but this is how I mean sleeper’s POV anyway.

Same as pulykamell.

On the left side, always the left side, and don’t you dare try to change that.

At home, yes, for the past 20 years or more. In the RV it was the opposite. In hotels, my wife always takes the side closest to the bathroom.

We both sleep on the right side. I’m on the right on my back, and she’s on her right on her stomach! :wink:

Just kidding. I agree the ambiguity of people’s explanations is funny. We did a similar thread a few years ago and IMO the best part was the large number of people who demonstrated they simply could not comprehend the ambiguity of their own explanations. The idea that “left” and “right” are not universal simply did not compute with these folks. Such fun! Probably the same people who think “North” is the direction they’re facing at the moment.

As to the OP and me …

Since I first got married 34 years ago and also wherever I travel whether solo or together, I pick the left side as viewed from someone standing at the foot of the bed. That way I know which way to roll over to not fall out. In the common hotel room arrangement of two double or queen beds separated by a single nightstand, I’ll select the bed which puts my side of the bed adjacent to the nightstand. So from the foot-of-bed POV, that’s the left side of the right bed.

Waking up in strange rooms 10-15 times a month and often at strange hours after inadequate sleep, having that much consistency avoids a lot of falls out of bed, stubbed toes, etc. It does make remembering whether to turn left or right to find the bathroom in the pitch dark difficult though. Doubly fun if you stayed in the same brand of hotel yesterday (or even the very same hotel), but in a room of opposite handedness.

I can’t recall what I did pre-marriage, but I know that I’d lived in my last house as a single for 3 years before I got married, and when she moved in I didn’t change which side was my side. So I’ve been sleeping on the left side since about 1985. Before that I have no idea. IIRC it was only a few years before that I got first got quarters & apartments spacious enough to have a bed wide enough that even small me wasn’t simultaneously on both sides. :wink:

To be clear, the OP is that the sides are from the POV of a person in bed on their back. Not that it changes anything in my post.

My wife and I have shared a bed for over 20 years. No variation during that time. I can’t recall if I had a side in previous relationships, and I have no reason to think it would have been the same as it is now.