Have you ever had a dream within a dream?

Like you found out that you were dreaming, woke up, and found out you were actually dreamning about waking up from a dream.

Something like that.

I’ve had the opposite - waking up within a dream.

I wake up, brush my teeth, shower, make and eat breakfast . . . then my alarm clock goes off and I realize I wasn’t really going through my morning routine; I was just dreaming about it. Which is a pain in the ass, since that means I have to do it all over again :mad:

I had a dream about a month or so where I had a dream where I was in a teen movie, woke up, went to computer to search for information about the movie (It’s name was “Homeownership II”, for some reason), noted I was late for bus, ran to bathroom, and then woke up for real. That was weird.

I once had a dream sort of like that - I dreamed something was happening, then I dreamed I had woken up from that dream… but I didn’t wake up to find myself in a realistic dream. The world I had “woken up” was one where I met and talked to cartoon characters like Donald Duck. I don’t remember what I had dreamed I was dreaming abouth, though.

Sorry if this is a duplicate reply, my connection’s been on the fritz.

Just a few weeks ago I had a dream in which I made out with my female best friend, which was in itself very strange, and then I woke up in the dream and had a conversation with the friend about how I had a dream in which I made out with her. And then I really woke up, and was honestly not sure if I had told her about the dream or not.

I also had a dream few days ago where, at one part, Ben Zyskowicz (Finnish politician who looks like Groucho Marx) was showing off his muscles.

That wasn’t a dream-within-a-dream, that was just weird.

I once dreamt that I was back home in my old bedroom then I woke up and found I was in my college dorm. Then I really woke up in my apartment and it was actually several years after I got out of college. Very disorienting that.

Not much related but sometimes I dream that I’m trying to fall asleep and can’t. Then I wake up tired the next day. This doesn’t seem fair somehow.

Happens rather frequently for me actually…last week I had a dream I was telling a friend of mine I’d had a dream about him in a dream. If that makes sense.

Just a couple of weeks ago. The dream was getting bizarre and so I realized I was dreaming and woke up. As I lay there contemplating it, I got woken up by The One Who Hates My Snoring.

I’ve done the multiple “wake up” but you’re really in another dream bit a number of times. The worst was three in a row.

What really freaked me was having a ‘mental vision’ of something completely different within a Lucid dream!

But hey, it lasted long enough to get to that point. Usually, once I realize that I am dreaming, I get so impressed with the detail, clarity and beauty of it all that I freeze in awe and almost immediately wake up. I wish I had anywhere near that kind of visualization ability when I was awake! I’d never leave my brain!

Yes, once for sure, maybe twice. I can’t recall what went on, but when I did finally wake up for real, I thought, “Wow! Just like in a cheesy movie!”

I’ve not had drteams within dreams, but I’ve had two varieties of something similar.

Variety 1:
Dream refers back to something that happened in a dream some time ago and although there is realisation that the previous dream was just a dream that I woke up from once, it doesn’t seem to matter; if I dreamed I had a jetpack last week, then woke up in the morning and realised how stupid that was, I may still have a jetpack in tonight’s dream, fully realising that I acquired it only in a previous dream…

Variety 2:
As above, but refers back to a memory of a previous dream that, upon waking, I am convinced never actually took place.

Yep… worse yet, it was a cliche! Seriously… I was having a nightmare, and “woke up” from the nightmare only to find out I Was still having a nightmare, which I promptly woke up from. Cheap device in a movie, terrifying prospect when it actually happens.

I feel the sadistic urge to cross-reference this thread with this thread in the Pit.

I have dreams within dreams regularly, along the lines of once every 1-2 weeks.

When I was living with my parents, I once had a dream in which my mother walked into my room and said “I have a new way of making you wake up.” At which point, I woke up.

The strange part of this is that I hadn’t set my alarm, and had overslept by about five minutes.

I had a dream where I decided to camp out on my staircase for some reason. Then in the dream I dreamt that I had to exterminate aliens that were in a house. They had dart guns where if they hit you, you turned into one of them. So I was sneaking around the house, but eventually one of them got me, and I felt myself slowly becoming an alien. Then I woke up on the staircase and decided to get up and go get something to eat. Then I really woke up.

I had this amazing dream once where I was a character in a Douglas Adams novel that he was writing from beyond the grave. At the same time as my character was being written, a movie was being filmed that told the same stary as the one that I was in, so occasionally my dream would cut to the movie set and I’d see big stars playing me instead of me playing myself. And at the same time I was dreaming that I was reading the novel.

Yeah, I woke up completely confused.

Wow, neat.

I can’t say that it was a dream within a dream. But I dreamed once that I got up and went to school. Woke up just before lunch and had to do it all again. It really felt like I was there for half a day.

Also, once I had a dream pause for a commercial. It was a commercial touting the book Falling Woman. Then the dream started right back up.