Have you ever heard of me?

A scientific approach to prepare a response to this thread. I thought I’d raise a poll here to see if any has actually heard of me, then post the number of respondents who recognize my user name over yonder. If this was, say, three or four years ago, I’d be confident that 10 or 15 of you had heard of me for sure, but I haven’t been posting here much lately, and wanted to keep things scientific.

I recognize your name.

I remember you, although sometimes I confused you with Jonathan Chance (why, I don’t know).

I said yes.

I voted for myself, because… well, you know.

I get a lot of that. I think it’s because he used to dress as me for Halloween.

Of course! You’re a well-known protagonist. Beyond that, though - no.

But I don’t count; I’m new here.

I’ve heard of you on the SD I think. Winston Smith is a popular username on all sorts of message boards though, so it’s harder to be sure. Unless that’s all you, bossing the internets.

I’m prolific. You should see my shopping lists.

You mean, heard of you as a poster here, or in real life? I’ve seen you hear before but I don’t recognize you from anywhere else, if that’s what you mean.

I want to collect recognition metrics to prepare me to respond to FG’s question in the linked poll.

You were Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during WWII.

See, I knew that. When I saw this thread, my reaction was, “Is he still around? I don’t remember him posting much lately.” So yeah, I remembered you well enough to notice.

I was also Mayor of Upper High Street for a few years back in the early 90s.

Hey, Freddy! Always nice to see another 02’er.

Is this a whoosh? :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I have heard of you Winston.

Thank you for voting!


Yes, and incidentally, 2+2=5.

Indeed. (And I love Big Brother).