Have you ever owned "Thriller"?

Last month, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was certified for sales of 30 million copies. That’s roughly one tenth of all the people in the U.S. Have you ever owned this album, when it came out or later on? Did you get it on LP, tape, CD, or as a download? Anyone buy more than one copy? And what are your thoughts on the album, both in 1983 and today?

It was my first tape. I got it on my 8th birthday in 1984 along with a cassette player.

I wouldn’t listen to it now. Not only is it not my style of music but the pedophilia stuff kind of ruined all Michael Jackson music for me. I wouldn’t say I normally have trouble separating the person from their art, but MJ is the exception. His music creeps me out these days, albeit to a lesser degree than before his death.

Nope, never owned it. I’ve owned tracks from it (Billie Jean, Beat It).

I looked up the track listing, and of all the songs I know, I like them all. There’s only two that I’m not familiar with-- Baby Be Mine and The Lady in My Life.

I was 8 when it came out, so I do remember everyone was excited when the video for Thriller would come on MTV-- kids would come in to school and say “I saw it last night!” I didn’t have cable at that time, so my only hope was to see it at a friend’s house, but it was a rare sighting for me. Honestly, I didn’t really know any of the songs back then, except for Beat It, which I loved.

Until now, I never really realized those songs were all on the Thriller album. I can see why it’s such a big seller. Those are amazing songs.

I’ve owned it on vinyl and CD - not the sort of thing I listen to much nowadays, but if “Wanna Be Startin’ Something” came on the radio I’d turn it up…

I owned the CD. I bought it back in college in 2003, back when CDs were still a thing. I don’t know if I still have the CD (might be around somewhere), but I do still listen to the tracks.

No. About as far as I got was watching the video when MTV was a music video channel.

I had the cassette back in the day and now own it on CD.

ETA: I wish the OP had included a simple YES or NO poll.

Sure did. I was 9 or 10 years old, and it was the first album (LP) that I bought for myself, with my own money. As I recall, the cover opened up and he was lounging with…a tiger cub, maybe? Let me see how good my memory is… Yep.

My dad had the record. When I was 13 or 14 I got a record player (would have been the early 90’s) and that was one of the records I took when I went though his collection.

Nope, was never a fan of him post Jackson 5.

Yes, on album. I also owned Purple Rain at the time. Had to be careful with that one around the parental units.

I think I bought one for a sib for Christmas '83 (second chance), unless it was actually another sib who bought it. Eventually it fell into my hands, and later still another copy when a neighbor disposed of her record collection. Both on vinyl.

However, when the question appeared (on ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’ most likely, as it was multi-choice) as to whether MJ in the gatefold was wearing white shirt/black jacket, or white jacket/black pants, or whatever combo, I missed my guess. The good news is I was only playing along at home.

White jacket (and pants), black shirt, and a baby tiger. That’s a picture that’s ingrained on my mind. I spend a lot of time listening to that album and looking at that picture growing up.

FTR, as asked, I had to think about it, but it’s the white jacket/white pants combo that makes it stand out. If you could only see the top half or if he didn’t have matching pants I might not have been able to remember it as well.

Bought the CD around 2000, especially for my wife. That said, Billie Jean is a great song.

No. Didn’t hate it, but wasn’t a fan either. I was into alternative music at the time, back when that was an actual underground thing and not a marketing category.

Never much liked MJ - he was just too weird, and in his later years, he was pretty disgusting, personally. His music was OK, but nothing I’d ever buy, so, no, never owned Thriller.

Received the picture disc as a gift in 1983. Never opened it more due to not being a fan of MJ than wanting to collect it. Still have it somewhere.

I bought two copies as gifts for my younger cousins when it was released.

Not my thing then or now, but even my miserable college-alt-rock self had to admit that the dancing in the video was great.

Nope. To this day I prefer “Off the Wall” , which I did buy. Really, “Thriller” got so much airplay I never felt the urge to own it, despite liking some of the tracks.

No. I remember my sister having “Bad” but I don’t think she ever got any other MJ album, and I never bought any music when I was a teen. Or now.