Have you gotten a Straight Dope warning before?

Just a straight-up poll. No need to debate/divulge what your warning was for, if you got one. I’m just curious since I have read repeatedly that “the vast majority of Dopers never get a warning at any point.” I do believe it, but just wanted a poll to see how vast that majority actually is - 75%, or 98%, etc. No need for embarrassment either, it may be that you got warned for something you can be proud of.

  • I have gotten at least 1 warning
  • I have never gotten a warning

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Believe it or not I’ve been warned about being a jerk twice. I sometimes make snide comments when drinking and when I go back and read them the next day they don’t come off as funny to me either. So I tend not post when drunk anymore.

I got one. I called someone a name outside of the Pit. I knew I would get warned. But it’s my only one, and I don’t intend to get another one.

A couple poorly timed or misunderstood jokes that I regret. But also a couple for being a complete, over the line jerk to some real assholes who needed it. I do not regret those. And those assholes are gone now.

Been here since 2003. Never warned, never noted, never Pitted.

Really haven’t made much of an impression, but I’ve learned a lot.

unofficially yes I have

one for making JFK/Dallas references in a trump inauguration thread one of the members as part of the camera crew for tv and one in a truck thread when I didn’t clearly state I was repeating someone’s opinion …

Not once in my 20 years here. In the past year or two, there’ve been a handful of times where I’ve been annoyed enough with a fellow Doper that I’ve considered making a post that would likely draw a warning, just because I was that annoyed, but discretion and niceness have prevailed so far. :smiley:

None. I got a ticking off in the early days for making a non-GQ comment in GQ (out of inexperience and ignorance), but no warning. Sensible modding of a newbie, I would say.


I got suspended by Lynn many years ago for starting a thread in The Pit wishing everyone a happy new w year.

And I also copped a warning for calling someone a nasty name outside of the Pit. He/she deserved it.

Nope. They just let me run roughshod over you people.

Just one, I think, when I posted in a thread about a recent mass shooting, not having read the OP, which asked people not to post anything about gun control as a political issue. Which I did.

Got one many years ago for a reason that I’ve completely forgotten. I figure one warning for some 43,000 posts isn’t a bad track record.

I don’t think so.

ETA: I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten a scolding, but I don’t think an official warning…

Of course not! I’m nice, dammit!

About 20 years ago I had quite a few of them.

I think I had a warning once, years ago for making a political jab in a GQ thread, or not wearing a tie to “Formal Tuesday on the SDMB” or something.

Trying to remember. . . :roll_eyes: . . . yeah, I think it was due to the lack of a tie with my jacket.

Currently not wearing pants.

This describes me, although I’ve only been here since 2007.

There was once that I recall that I got pretty pissed off at a poster that I thought was being a jerk. I said some heated stuff but I tried to refrain from crossing the line, and I’m pretty sure I failed. I resigned myself to a warning and left the boards for a few days. I returned to find that the other poster had been banned for being a jerk and the mods had said not a word in response to my rather heated post.

I’ve made a point to never again post when angry.

Lucky for you, today is casual Friday.

Does Brigadoon count? Then no, never.

(What happened in Brigadoon stays in Brigadoon.)

Ahhh, those heady days of Clothing-Optional Saturday. :wink: