Have you voted yet?

Today, I:

  • Filled out my ballot. :heavy_check_mark:
  • Placed the ballot in the secrecy envelope. :heavy_check_mark:
  • Sealed the secrecy envelope. :heavy_check_mark:
  • Signed and dated my outer envelope. :heavy_check_mark:
  • Placed the ballot in the secrecy envelope into the outer envelope. :heavy_check_mark:
  • Sealed the outer envelope. :heavy_check_mark:
  • Wore my VOTE Tell them Ruth Sent You t-shirt :heavy_check_mark:
  • Deposited my ballot in an official, secure ballot box as listed on the board of elections website. :heavy_check_mark:

Voted the afternoon of Friday, October 16th by dropping my ballot envelope in a ballot box outside the library. I could’ve put it in the mail but this way it gets picked up at 8 p.m. and is directly sent to the County Auditor’s office.

To clarify, 44% of the number of Texans who voted in 2016 have already voted. That’s about a quarter of all currently registered voters. Still an astounding number.

Here I thought the discussion was about the Saskatchewan election. Posted our ballots yesterday. :wink:

We got our Colorado ballots last Saturday (2020-10-10). Surprisingly, they came in a second mail delivery on that day. I assume the Post Office just loaded up separate trucks for just the ballots.

We filled them out and dropped them off the next day–it’s a 5 minute drive to the drop box at the County Clerk’s office. Three of the four of us already got emails that the ballots were accepted. My wife’s is still awaiting signature verification. We’re hoping that’s because they’re very bust, and not that her signature is too different–she broke the humerus of her writing arm in July and is still slightly hobbled by an upper-arm splint at the moment.

Why don’t all states do it this way?

Because it might make it easier for the “wrong” people to vote.

Oh, right. I forgot. Senator Mike Lee, a wise and generous man if ever there was one, did say that democracy was overrated, or something to that effect, didn’t he?

Not wanting to start a shaming, but I do wonder about the 2% that are not going to Vote. I mean, I can think of totally innocuous reasons, such as being out of the country and too much work to get a ballot, too young, or Republicans who dislike Trump but are abstaining from supporting Biden. Is there a brave soul among the 2% who’d like to share? And please, if they do, let’s all be civil.

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This, but I will add that I did something this time that I’ve never even come close to doing, with the exception of maybe some judges (whats up with electing judges anyway) I basically voted party ticket. Idaho goverment and congressional representation is… I’ll just say abysmall and leave it there

Still waiting to see them registered as received online.

Oregon here, and I voted today. I’ll drop off my ballot tomorrow.

This deep into TrumpLand, and it felt so, so good to vote for Biden. However, there’s an “advisory” question on the ballot to the effect of “should the Idaho border be moved to include rural Oregon, including Douglas County?” (Douglas County is on the pacific coast, btw.) I’m actually embarrassed to live in a place where the majority of voters no doubt think this is a good idea.

I also got to vote against Alek Skarlatos, who is running for congress. That felt good.

Looking at the wiki article on Douglas County, I see that there are four other counties between Douglas County and Idaho. Do each of those counties have similar advisory questions?

I voted yesterday. Drove by the place where I usually vote early and it was packed with no parking and a long line. I had noticed that there was another site at my local library so stopped by there and it was empty. The poll worker said that there had been a 1-2 hour wait all week but I had come at the right time. I was in and out in 20 minutes.It would have been much shorter except that when I was waiting to pick up my ballot a woman whose ballot had been rejected came back and they had to void her first ballot because she had marked two circles for some of the votes. She then had an argument with them because she wanted to hold on to the voided ballot so that she could copy her votes and they were supposed to hold on to it and had to make sure that the voided ballot would be processed correctly. I then got my ballot and filled it out and of course she was again in front of me in the line to put the ballot into the machine and of course it kept getting rejected and she didn’t know why and eventually the poll worker had to show her that she had done the same thing again and had to go get her a third ballot ( which turned out to be the wrong district so they brought her a fourth ballot). Now normally I want everyone to be able to vote but maybe some people are to stupid to vote. ( Of course, full disclosure here-I couldn’t help seeing her ballot when she kept waving them around in front of me and although I didn’t see any specific votes, by the position of them it was clear that she had voted a straight Republican line but at least my vote cancelled hers out).

Lake and Malheur counties do not. I havent been able to find a list of ballot measures for the other two, but I’ll keep digging.

The local hatred for Portland, Governor Kate Brown and democrats in general is very deep here. Still, it surprises me that such a question would even be proposed.

I’d suggest, @Lancia, that those Oregonians who wish to be Idahoan have no clue, not a single iota of an idea what they’re wishing for. Just winter road maintenance alone is worth living in Oregon. I’ll bet Oregon has less trouble attracting and keeping medical folks(ontario being the exception)

Saskatchewan elections just aren’t as fun to follow any more now that there are only two parties with a realistic chance of winning any seats.

I heard last night that Washington might get to 90% voting participation this election. In the past, as I recall, mail-in voting didn’t produce significantly larger turnout.

Sheepishly, especially in light of my oft-brayed political opinions in here, I must recount the embarrassing error I made in the voting process.

When Maryland sent out mail in ballots to everyone for the June primary, I checked the box indicating that I also wanted a mail in ballot for the general. Somewhere along the line I decided to vote in person instead and discarded the mail in ballot when it arrived. Well, that kinda sorta eliminates me from voting in person and being counted immediately – the state would count my vote provisionally (by Nov. 12) after making sure that I hadn’t voted twice. So my vote would still “count” in a state where DJT is going to lose by almost 30 points.

I have an appointment at the local Board of Elections tomorrow to cure the problem and cast my ballot immediately. But that was a stupid thing to do nonetheless.

I dropped off my OR ballot at a dropbox at 1:00 pm Saturday, and I got a text at 5:00 pm that it had been received and counted. My sympathies to states where people just cross their fingers that their ballots didn’t have some problem.

It’s on the ballots in four counties this time around (Douglas, Jefferson, Union, Wallowa). The other 16 counties hope to get it on the ballot in future elections. There was a legal battle this summer over signature gathering and attempts to reduce the number needed due to COVID, but that was eventually rejected.