Havre de Grace, May 2-4: MADs Burning Weiners and Soaking up Culture

So May 1 marks my one year anniversary in this country. Havre de Grace, Maryland has chosen to celebrate this fact all weekend.

May 2-4 is the Annual Decoy & Wildlife Art Festival.
May 3 is the Annual Antique Street Fair
May 3 is also the Musical Mile
May 3-4 is the Civil War Living History days at Steppingstone Museum, which is not actually in HdG but close enough to count.
May 3-4 Re-enactment & Attack on Havre de Grace - War of 1812

Further information can be found here.

Would anyone like to come up and attend any of these events? We will provide hot dogs and a place to camp in the yard if so desired. Heck, I may even let some of you into the house.

What say, Dopers?

Happy anniversary! Alas, it falls on the weekend between conjugal visits. And I love art festivals! Poor planning on my part, huh? <sigh>

I’m gonna be in FL with the in-laws this weekend. Have a good time for me, though!

Saturday’s out for us, because Little League has sucked all of our saturdays for the forseeable future into the Great Baseball Abyss. I will ask Tark about Sunday, though. That is, if we can find a reasonably quick route which does not involve the furshlugginger beltway.

Now I feel really bad…

Sunday is Baby Kate’s 3rd birthday. I’ll be dealing with 10 screaming pre-K’s running around.

I e-mailed Zappo to let him know. If he can make it, I’ll be there, if I don’t get The Call. (“Hey, Rob? Can you come get me? I’m at the airport.”)


Well, I’m sure if you get The Call, then we’ll let you leave.

That’s awfully nice of you. :slight_smile:

I just got a message from Zappo, and it looks good for Saturday evening.


So, what? Nobody else wants a weenie roast?

What time should we be there?

And you might not want to use the terminology “weenie roast”; it makes the guys squirm.


I am looking for something to occupy me this weekend. While I wouldn’t be able to get there until a very optimistic 1AM on Friday night/Saturday morning, I would love to attend.

What kind of money are we talking? That’s the hitch for ol’ erl, who is unfortunately not made of it.

Everything is pretty cheap. Our couch is free. I have to work on Saturday and Sunday mornings, so Dave would have to stay up to greet you, and you wouldn’t get your dose of Gingy until the afternoon.

I’m booked that weekend, but if it would make you feel any better, I’ll say I might come and then you can drink too much and publicly berate me at a later date of your choosing.

Wait, is there lava involved? :smiley:

There will be fire, but no lava. Sorry.


I have plans with A Certain Somebody which will probably run until late afternoon-ish before I have to take her home.

However, my evening looks free, and youse guys haven’t seen the Roadmaster of Slight Discomfort yet, so I’ma do my damndest to make a run down to WeirdNorth Manor.

And I won’t forget this time. :wink:

Havre de Grace is about a 1½ hour drive from here. A miniDopefest on Saturday is certainly an idea…

Exit 89 on I-95. If you get lost between the exit and my house, then you are too stupid to drive. In other words, it’s really, really easy to find.

I wanna come I wanna come!

How long do you think It would take for me to hitchhike, antie? I’m sure my cousin would LOVE to see me…

And you just make such good weenies. You’re the weenie queen!

Shameless bump.

Zappo and ACS sittin’ in a tree…
K-I-S-S-I-N-G… :smiley:

Seriously, we’re probably coming together, so he can’t forget. I won’t let him.