Hawaii Five O - wow, that was bad

So, the last episode was bad even for this show (no, I can’t really explain why I watch it - I’ll blame my wife). I’m assuming I don’t need spoilers:

  1. Explosion inside a closed vault that knocked three people outside the vault to the ground and stunned them for some period of time

  2. Said explosion did no damage to the door, since the bank manager was able to work the combination (more on that in a bit) and open it.

  3. The bad guys were inside the vault at the time of the explosion, but somehow weren’t turned to paste by the explosion that somehow knocked people off their feet outside (implying I guess that the vault room flexed enough and violently enough to cause the air pressure to do that?)

4)If the bad guys were inside the vault, who re-locked it? The manager was unconscious when our heroes first arrived (see point #2). Presumably no vault would have an inside lock? Maybe this one is OK.

  1. In addition to pasted bad guys, the $10 million dollars were also not destroyed (although we did see a few bills burning on the floor of the vault that apparently didn’t fit in the duffle bags).

  2. And why blow anything up (and enter the bank and take everyone hostage)? The bad guys had tunneled right up to the vault through the standard handy next door space - wouldn’t it have been easier and less risky to do this at night from the other side of the vault (c.f. The Ladykillers)?

  3. The bad guys have a head start (Steve and company had to shake off the explosion, wake up the manager, open the vault), so Steve follows underground while his boys follow him in his truck, tracking his phone GPS. The tracking bit is fine (standard TV/movie tech magic) - but somehow Steve is consistently 5 or 6 blocks in front of the truck that is traveling 50 mph through the streets of Honolulu. Maybe Steve is related to Barry Allen?

  4. And of course 5-O’s complete and consistent trashing of the Constitution. Sometimes they are saving the world from terrorists and nuclear/biological disaster, so we can pretend the Jack Bauer “ticking bomb” scenario is in play and we can ignore some of that - but here we have a bank robbery ‘inside man’ suspect shackled to a chair with no counsel. Hell, Chi McBride’s character even later referred to ‘the rendition room’ (it’s used a lot).

  5. Oh, and our super competent heroes leave the guy alone in the basement, allowing a different bad guy to enter the rendition room and kill the guy. Steve waits just long enough to ‘seal the building’ to allow the bad guy to get outside (and him to terrorize a bunch of innocent visitors), before once again shooting up the streets and killing at least one bad guy, causing the car to flip and the other bad guys to be caught.

I really need to stop watching this - it makes *Scorpion *seem realistic.

How can you complain about a show that gave us this gem of a scene:

Uosdwis, how sad is it that I don’t even watch the show, and I still knew exactly what scene you were linking?

Though I suppose it’s at least good that it didn’t have two scenes that cringeworthy.

Here are three(including Subway, far and away the worst)

Aside from some Microsoft employed advertising douchebag, no one has in real life ever told anyone, in any conceivable situation, to ‘Bing it.’

  1. Your summation makes me glad I quit during the first season, THAT was stupid enough for me.
  2. But it’s so sad that it is still on the air.

How about if asked what kind of cherry to buy?

Didn’t they recently offer low pay to their two Asian actors and both of them quit? Or am I mis=remembering this?

The producers declined to raise their pay to match Steve and Danno, which IMO seemed mostly reasonable based on the focus of the show. They were apparently offered significant raises, which the actors haven’t denied, but not parity.

On the other hand, Scott Caan/Danno seems to only appear in every third episode, so I’m not sure why he is getting star pay.

I have something substantive to offer: Golly, that actress is attractive! The product placement was stunningly ham :smiley: handed.

This is why I change the channel after the theme music.

And they even got that wrong. Not bad, exactly, just way too short; it’s missing the great second brass part.

Life’s too short to waste watching crap like this, but from that clip, all I can say is those two cheesey models could never be cops.

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I find it easier to watch if you ignore the plot and focus on the glory shots of the island.

I don’t want to make any assumptions on shows you may, or may not, have watched so check out Battlestar Galactica (2004 version) and, yes, you’re welcome.