Hazel-rah you bitch


I gotta remember this one - as soon as I read it I was nearly overwhelmed by an urgent desire to go microwave my panties - actually made my skin crawl. And there are so many interesting variations one may make - “Been wearing your underwear on your head again, haven’t you? Obviously the bacteria from your crotch have colonized your brain and assumed control.” etc.

I dunno, maybe it’s a ‘girl’ thing.
Epimetheus, I can’t speak for hazel-rah because only he knows exactly what he meant to say, but maybe if I explain to you how I understood it you’ll see it differently.

sailor describes what he considers admirable behavior on the part of a friend.
hazel-rah disagrees that the behavior is admirable and says that in his opinion it is equivalent to acting like a doormat.

Does that help any?

Biggirl: Point taken, but for the record, it is not an argument, it is a rant. A rant that was spawned from a knee jerk reaction to something stupid. A rant is not an argument, I am not trying to prove a point or debate a side.

I was the petty ignorant one, my POV was skewed, and I guess I should appologize.

My name does mean Hindsight…

Now I remember where I recognize your name from, coosa! You recommended me a couple of cat books sometimes last year. I got “Feline Husbandry: Disease and Management in the Multiple Cat Environment” and enjoyed it very much. The pictures were a little unsettling, but it was an excellent read. Just what I was looking for. If I manage to get my hands on some money anytime soon I’ll be getting “Robinson’s Genetics for Cat Breeders.” Among other things.