Hazel-rah you bitch

In this thread (http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=110465) You said:

In response to something another poster said about a friend of his.
All I have to say about this is that you are obviously an obnoxious bitch if this is true, and need to come down off your high horse. You don’t know this person, and insulting her to get at Sailor is low, too low for even the Pit IMO.
I think that perhaps you are the door-mat you arrogant prissy. If you feel the need to insult somebody, take it to the pit, like I have, and don’t insult other people you don’t know to try to prove your point. Not in GD, where saying “she is a doormat” somehow should prove Sailor’s point wrong. Bleh, go lick yourself she-dog.

Hazel-Rah is a guy.

Oh well, the sentiment is the same. :slight_smile:

So you have a problem with hazel stating an opinion off someone else’s opinion of a person? What is the world coming to when an insult that weak can cause a pit thread? Grow up and find something to really bitch about.

Note : typo fixed. - E.

No, I am stating that his argument is weak, and so is he as a person, if he has to resort to insulting a person talked about in passing to get at a poster he cannot insult in that forum.

Grow up? lol, such the insult, I think I will cry now.

Uhhm… you are aware that this was in response to sailor’s belief that anyone who gets offended by anything has something wrong with them. Specifically that Asians who were offended by the A&F shirts had problems with themselves?

So by sailor’s you must have something really wrong with you to get offended not by a personal attack, but because of an attack on someone you don’t even know.

Maybe you should learn a lesson from sailor’s friend and get a thicker skin.

No, I am stating that his argument is weak, and so is he as a person, if he has to resort to insulting a person talked about in passing to get at a poster he cannot insult in that forum.
So my Skin is thin eh? Perhaps in this case. Maybe I am just sick of people in GREAT DEBATES resorting to insults. Yeah, try reading the OP.

Odd, sorry for the double post, Don’t know how they both got posted.

I stand corrected “you arrogant prissy” is so much more insulting isn’t it?

If hazel-rah’s arguments were so weak, why not point it out in the debate?

In a two threads full of offensive responses, why focus on hazel-rah’s?

I was not being insulting with “you arrogant prissy”, I was merely stating the facts as I see them. Calling him a bitch and a she dog was insulting.

Because Hazel-rah’s was the only one that I noticed that was a direct insult. Something which should not be in a debate.

I’m so sorry that I offended all your sensiblities by getting offended that somebody insulted a person where it was not called for. (spite anybody?) I will ask that this thread be closed so you can rant about ingrown pubic hairs and your work parking spaces being taken up yawn

Of course the irony that sailor’s friend wouldn’t have been offended by the ‘doormat’ comment, and that sailor himself didn’t seem all that offended hasn’t dawned on you. Also the fact that none of the moderators thought it was out of bounds.

That’s some bang-up freelance moderating your doing. I’m sure Great Debates is now a safer place thanks to your vigilance

Oh, yes, I am offended by it, so it must follow that It hasn’t dawned on me that Sailor didn’t say anything about it. Your logic astounds me. I never said anything about thinking Sailor cared or not. I cared you stupid fucknut.

Yes, bitching about murderers and bankrobbers is freelance law-enforcement too right? :rolleyes:

I hereby transfer tradesilicon’s title of Defender of the Meek to you, Epimetheus. Wherever an unknown person is called a name in the vastness of the Internet, you must be there.

What a minute… I’m getting a message… Someone on www.fathom.org is being insulted on the message boards. Go now! Before it’s… too… late!

Epimetheus, just how damn desperate were you for an excuse to start a Pit thread about someone? Or do you have a hard-on for hazel-rah for some reason that’s even more pathetic than this - so pathetic that even you realized you would be laughed out of the Pit?

You know, when we women act like this, all of the men say “Gee, it must be PMS!”
And on top of that, I followed the damn link in the OP and wasted my time reading some of the most juvenile, self-centered, arrogant, dishonest, I’m-16-years-old-and-know-it-all stinking pile of crap justifications for being an insensitive jerk I’ve ever seen on this board that wasn’t an honest-to-God out-and-out troll.

Epimetheus, here’s a quarter - go buy yourself a clue.

If any of the mods in Great Debates think the comment was inappropriate, I will apologize to sailor.

But anyway, I made the comment because sailor held up his can’t-be-offended-by-anything friend as some kind of counterexample to people who were offended by the A&F t-shirts. Perhaps I should have chosen clarity over attempted pithiness, but I don’t think acting like nothing at all bothers you no matter how much it offends you is a reasonable or useful response to racism.

To me the whole thread revolves around a question of respect for other people, and it’s hard to respect somebody who lets everybody walk all over them. By bringing up his friend, sailor seems to imply that this is how the people offended by the t-shirts should act, which is in itself could be seen as a bigoted line of reasoning.


hazel-rah, you might notice that sailor himself doesn’t act that way, or even attempt to. It’s not that he finds such behavior admirable, but that he finds it convenient. If everyone acted/felt as his friend does, he would not have to worry about pesky little things like thinking before he speaks, giving consideration to the opinions of others, acknowledging that they might have a different but still valid POV, accepting that their emotions are just as real and just as important as his, and best of all, he never has to apologize or admit that he is wrong.

He can then amble merrily through life while the entire world revolves around him, secure in the knowledge that if he thinks derogatory, demeaning T-shirts that ridicule someone based on an unwarranted and unfair stereotype are funny and completely inoffensive, everyone else will just smile and say 'Whatever you like, sailor, is fine with me."

Thank you Epimetheus for starting this thread.

You see, it’s been a while since a pit thread made me laugh so hard, solely by existing. God, you must go crazy defending unknown middle-aged women during “Your momma is so ____” contests. :smiley:

Well Epimetheus, I think you are an obnoxious, prissy bitch for expressing your offended sensibilities by starting this thread. Your argument is so weak you had to resort to personal insults to bolster it.

Your mother dresses you funny, you stink and that herpes chancre on your upper lip needs some looking after. Perhaps you can colonize the bacteria that lives in you underpants and use it as a balm.

Really, you are one nasty, contradicting sumbitch aintcha?