He Hate Me Keeper League 2021 - Year 19

So remove K, add a WR slot? Also maybe make flex W/R/T?

Yes, definitely. Stretching out the WR spot means you need more flexibility in the flex spot.

Flex W/T slot, not RB. I play on a money league where the slots are:


which we think best represents how NFL offensive sets actually look these days. We’ve debated removing the second RB slot entirely, but tradition & love for hitting that second RB lottery pick remain strong.

I’m always in favor of pushing my leagues closer to industry standards. I don’t think changing the scoring structure in a keeper league is too workable for most big changes (like going PPR or HPPR). But I’m very in favor of swapping the kicker slot for a WR, and adding TE to the flex positions (making it R/W/T).

Adding roster slots is a mixed bag, because it does change the keeper environment very slightly, but I’d be in favor of it as well.

Count me in as another person that would like to see an additional WR slot for next year and an expansion of the FLEX to W/R/T.

I don’t understand this trade at all. Murray is the only Ravens RB in game shape aside from Ty’son, and the Ravens are obviously intent on RBBC even with two thirds of their committee on IR. Still, even as a UCF homer I can’t see Murray having anything beyond occasional flex value. Sutton, on the other hand, is going to be a top-10 WR so long as his ACL holds up and Bridgewater continues to play well.

Murray couldn’t beat out rookie Tony Jones Jr., and, as RNATB pointed out, will be in a RBBC with a running QB/TD vulture at best. No way he’s worth a #1 WR on their team with Sutton’s upside.

But dave is going for a threepeat, so what do I know?

I think it’s just a homer thing for him since he seems to be a pretty strong homer but that doesn’t seem to stop him from being very good, oddly enough. But I don’t think it’s quite as bad as you say - I think Murray mostly was let go because of his contact rather than being outplayed (he turned down NO asking for a salary reduction) and I think he’s got the best shot to be worth something in Baltimore, but even then, I agree Sutton is just worth more, which is why I had to make the trade even though it makes me even more WR deep and RB shallow.

Can someone explain to me what dave was asking about in the league posts about resetting the waivers? I know he doesn’t like the 2 day waiver period after the draft, but I’m not quite sure what his issue was and what he was proposing.