He Hate Me Keeper League 2021 - Year 19

Is week 5 too early to give up and trade for keepers? That’s about the only way trading Cooper Kupp for Henry Ruggs and Sam Darnold makes sense at all.

Well, Week 6 really - he’s going to lose this week too. I’m the beneficiary of the trade, but I think a trade for keepers is always fair game, it’s the nature of keeper leagues.

For you, never too early.

Edit: Actually, as a serious question, I don’t think this league has any sort of guidelines for tanking/giving up early, but it can be destabilizing if one team gives up a big non-keeper piece for a smaller keeper piece. Since you’re 3-2 currently I’m not sure if that was a sarcastic question or real.

Real question, just not about my team. I saw the Kupp for Ruggs and Darnold trade when I checked scores and the keeper value is the only reason it could have made any sense, and even then, it’s still horribly one-sided.

Oh I didn’t see the trade. I thought you were asking as a hypothetical.

Has this league had lopsided trades like that before? Having the best team in the league get significantly better without significant costs doesn’t feel great, nor really does tanking from week 5, but I don’t think there’s any sort of rule about it unless this has been discussed before.

Wait, if we trade keepers we get to keep that player the next year? I guess I’ve never done a trade on this league before.

Yes - the keeper eligibility remains the same, as long as there was eligibility to begin with.

Giving up in week 6 is bad form, even if you are 0-5. And it is hard to fathom this trade as anything other than giving up for this year. Shame on our defending champion.

I’m pretty sure we’ve had trades like this before, but I don’t think one’s happened this early.

I accidentally picked up Darrel Williams (KC) when I meant to pick up Damien Williams (Chi) after Montgomery went down. I didn’t drop him because I’m desperate enough that I need any RB I can get on my roster, and ended up lucking out when he became one of the big waiver wire targets this week.