He Hate Me Keeper League 2021 - Year 19

What a weird week. Barring some extreme result tonight, no-one breaks 100.
And it looks like 12 out of 14 teams won’t reach their projected scores.

Wow, a 5 way tie for 2nd place. And it was a few points away from being a 6 way tie for 1st.

Even weirder: you are 6-3 and tied for second despite being the third-lowest scoring team in the league and being outscored by 20 points in the aggregate. Bort/Big Mac has outscored you by 341.8 points or 47.8% (!!!) but would have the same record as you if Dave had scored 7 more points last week. Amazing.

Ultimately, the margin of victory was considerably more than Taylor’s 31 points, which is weird because the rest of my team mostly shit the bed.

Yeah, I’ve been ridiculously lucky. I beat Beef, Hamlet and Spiritus in weeks they all scored under 80.
To make it even more strange, my schedule has been tough so far - I’ve already played everyone with the same record than me or better. My remaining games are against the teams in 8th, 14th, 10th, 12th and 13th.

Of course now that I bring that up I’ll go 1-4 against them…

To put it another way:
Big Mac has 7 weeks scoring 100 or better.
Munch has 6, Hamlet and Senor Beef have 5.

I have none.

And now… you have the second lowest score in the league and you are 7-3. I have the second highest and I’m 6-4!

Yeah, I continue to be ridiculously lucky. Won this week despite outscoring only three other teams.

I’ve been outscored on the season by Weirddave and his team is 1-9!

It’s impressive how terrible my team is…and I can’t even blame injury. I mean, this season has been something else. Betting on a bunch of rookies was NOT a wise choice.

Yahoo says you’re favored against me this week, Omni, so there’s still hope. And we all know how accurate Yahoo’s predicted points are…

After opening the season 6-1 I’ve lost 3 in a row. Rough. I was playing for a bye, before, and now I just need to hope I can make the playoffs.

Getting David Montgomery back should add some stability to my team, and getting Russell Wilson back should make DK Metcalf productive again.

So far I’ve been winning all the games when my team manages to break 100 points but that’s still only 5 wins. I’d be happy to finish over .500 but we’ll see if I can finish strong.

Folks have had some amazing weeks against my team and it looks like I’ll probably get to close out in the top 3…of points against but a podium is a podium :grin:

Until Herbert exploded in last night’s game, I thought there was a good chance I might wind up in first after this week. Looks like I’ll probably settle for second…

Eh, I’m not comfortable yet. Evans can put up a monster game or he can do absolutely nothing.

So here’s the league if we sorted by points scored

Seed	Name	Record	PF	PA
1	Big Mack Attack	8-3	1242.04	901.26
7	lNine Inch Neil	6-5	1197.71	1056.66
8	Carcosa Yellow	6-5	1140	1064.96
3	Moridwon (Ha	7-4	1113.93	990.47
4	Exploding Pan	7-4	1090.37	956.1
9	Disgruntled G	6-5	1075.09	1040.66
5	Spiritus Mund	7-4	1070.56	979.51
10	Post Mahomes	5-6	1058.53	1209.49
6	Chicago Cardi	7-4	1036.86	963.92
11	Battle Bastard	5-6	1034.86	1154.81
12	Hermits -----	4-7	945.65	1030.2
2	Fourth & Nine	8-3	875.88	876.56
13	Baltimore We	1-10 858.5	1152.13
14	Omnipotents 	0-11 786.13	1149.38

RNATB and Munch, the 7th and 8th seeds, are actually 2nd and 3rd in points. Wilson, the #2 seed, is actually 12th in points. It still has time to shake out for the rest of the season but this is an unusually high mismatch between points and H2H standings.

That’s pretty impressive, Wilson.

I’d like to see Yahoo give the ability to do doubleheaders, where you’re matched up against 2 other teams every week. It would really reduce the variability for how relatively short the fantasy regular season is.

Yeah, that secret commissioner button for “Be Incredibly Lucky” has been working well this year…

Another alternative I’ve seen is give the top playoff spots based on record, and then the last spot goes to whichever remaining team has the highest point total.

You know it’s a weird week when you have a player who has an all-time week (Jonathan Taylor apparently had the sixth or eighth best all-time fantasy score depending on PPR), and still lose comfortably. Dale scored 60 more than he did in any of the preceding three weeks!

It’s kind of amazing that I have the second most points - quite comfortably - but instead of playing for a bye I’m currently scrapping just to get back into the playoffs. I have to play two of the other three top scoring teams in the last three weeks as well, so I could conceivably wind up finishing with the #2 score and a .500 overall record.

The really weird thing is that I only have one close loss on the season.

I picked up the LA Chargers defense to cover for the LA Rams on a bye week, but when I went to drop them, I accidentally picked the wrong LA team to drop. I meant to drop the Chargers, not the Rams. Could the commish reverse that mistake for me through roster management please? Neither play tomorrow, the fix shouldn’t affect anything.