He loves me He loves me not

I am totally in love with this guy, I dream about him, and a life maybe in the future…and I see so many qualities I love in him, that I haven’t seen or had in other guys I have been with. Anyway I told him how I feel and I got back an " I LIKE YOU" which I believe 100%… we have been talking for about 3 months now this weekend he said he was thinking about me on a long drive…when I asked what about…I got the “I will tell you someday” hmmmmmm My curiuosity is killing me and I wonder…is that good or bad…or just plain wrong…did he really think about me, and dammit why does it matter so much. :frowning:

Welcome here, but you seem to have misplaced this post. I’m sorry for how curious… and I’ve wondered the same thing.

However, this (unfortunetley) is the wrong place for a post of this nature. Just go here to find what the forum descriptions. This particular post would go in MPSIMS. :slight_smile:

That came out wrong.

Make that “I’m sorry for how curious you are… don’t worry, I’ve wondered why it matters so much myself.”



DrMatrix - General Questions Moderator

Seems to me that if he said he’d tell you “someday”, he plans on sticking around for at least a while longer. My advice–just wait it out and take what comes. Pushing and stressing will just ruin the ride. Easier said than done, I know, but it’s really your best bet.

Yes, I agree. I should wait…but that is so hard. Cause I know the thoughts and hopes I have…I just want to make sure they are on the same path…