ALL MEN who are reading this.... this only takes 40 seconds to read, I am pleading for help.

How old are you?

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First thing I thought as well.

I can’t read the OP. The different font sizes, misused ellipses, bolding, ugh. No. Just, no.


  1. He has a penis
  2. He has a penis
  3. He has a penis

That should sum it up for you.

send us both photos, and we’ll be better able to comment.

Of course he wants to see naked photos of you. He’s a guy. With very few exceptions, guys want to see naked pictures, whether they’re of women they know or not. This is not a “weakness” in men, it’s part of how they’re wired.

He also wants you to think he’s a nice person - and apparently in your definition, wanting to see naked pictures of you makes him not-nice - so when you pushed the issue, he tried to say something to calm you down. He thought he was being flirty and maybe sexy and you went OMG!

At first glance this may seem like a trivial, dismissive, joke answer.

But I second it and strongly suggest that the OP take it to heart.

That took longer than 4-40 seconds to read.

Reread Ferret Herder’s post, there is your answer. He was being flirty, you got upset so he backed off and probably made up the story about feeling guilty when other women sent pics.

Chris Hansen voice: Why don’t you take a seat right over there sir, just take a seat.

OK, I’ll take a stab at it:

  1. Do you really think he felt “guilty” for that and is the reason why he stopped talking to them? Or, because he barely even liked the girls so just stopped talking to them, with maybe also feeling a bit guilty cuz of that?

Guys have all sorts of hangups about sex, and it’s possible that he could feel guilty about some girl texting nude pics to him. But it’s more likely he told you that so you would calm down.

  1. If he KNEW the “guilty and ashamed” outcome what had happened with those girls, why would he even MENTION me sending him kind of a nude pic, when IF I DID, he would end up feeling guilty and not talk to me? How does that make sense…?

Because he wants to see you nude.

  1. Do you think he really just wasn’t thinking about the outcome, and kind of in that moment totally forgot about the other girl situation and was just acting on hormone/boy buisness?

It’s more likely he made up the story about the other girl on the fly because he didn’t want you getting upset.

But understand: he still wants to see you naked.

You old people are just plain mean!

Mean, I say (as I wave my cane in the air)!

Seriously, when Ambivalid posted “How old are you”, I laughed because that was precisely what I thought. Not that I am dismissive. I am the ‘cool’ grandparent, and this sounds just like something one of my beloved granddaughters would have posted on Facebook.

Oh, and sreynolds3, welcome to the Dope.
Have fun.

“Hey i am gonna take a shower, than after i will send you that pic of me in the new pajamas I got!”

He was joking, but wouldn’t have minded a bit if you had complied. From reading your post, I take it that you are both teenagers. Teenaged boys like boobies. Forty year old guys like boobies. Eighty year old guys aren’t gonna look away from boobies. Boobies.

Seriously, if he’s straight, he wants to see your boobs.

But it sounds like he didn’t pressure you to send him a nekkie pic, so stop making a big deal about it. I promise there will be some different drama to obsess over soon.

And this.
I know the only times I’ve ever texted someone about showering it’s involved the mention of naked pictures. Whether it be my suggestion or the other party’s.

Forty seconds my big white ass.

Well, as long as you’re not texting pics of your big white ass to me, hrhomer, that’s fine.

Indeed. You never, EVER mention being freshly showered, or just about to take a shower, unless you want to conjure up sexual thoughts in the recipient’s mind. I’ve never once said to someone “I’m just going to hop in the shower for a bit, teeheehee” and expected them to take it as anything other than “I want you to be imagining me naked for the next 10 minutes.”

Yeah, you know, you flirt with him, he flirts back, you flip your lid, and he back-pedals so as not to be in the doghouse with you. I doubt he was really truly serious about expecting you to send nudie pics. He just took the joke too far. It happens, and it’s not that big a deal. I doubt this other girl and her sexting actually existed.

Yes, he wants to see you naked, this is part of the territory with being a hormonal teenager (boy OR girl). This is normal and not that big a deal, either. Talking and joking does not equal demanding you to put out.

Chill out. Teens talk bigger than they act, that’s just what they do.