Heads up for Casey & Andy fans

I know that C&A has a lot of fans here.

The author has been promising a new comic for a while now. He’s just published the first issue, available here :


Hm, I’m not sure I like it. Not as good as C&A and I’m never surer about using other people’s characters in your own works like this. But it has a certain something. I#ll give another couple of issues and see what happens.
What do you think?

I started checking it out, haven’t finished yet. I like the story well enough, but it looks like he’s going serious, and I’m not sure his art is up to supporting that. It worked great in a gag strip, but if he wants this to be taken seriously, he’s going to need his readers to develop a much stronger identification with his characters, and his style is too cartoonish to really establish that sort of connection. His writing might be enough to carry it off, though, and he has improved as a writer at a much faster pace than he has as an artist. It looks like he’s really trying to grow in that direction with this. I’m intrigued by the longer form, too. Gives him a lot more room than a thrice-a-week strip.

I’ll definitly keep an eye on it.

Very good, great ideas. Hope he isn’t biting off more than he can chew though with this long format.

There was something that I felt was really off about the new comic, and I do believe you’ve nailed it for me. While I was enjoying the story, to the extent of actually muttering “That’s clever” when we learnt who the three little girls were or going “Yeah!” out loud at one point (“You can f&%$ing fly?”), the art kept throwing me off. Even when we got some really good lines (like the “electric shock” one, which was quite powerful even with poor art), I thought they were undermined by the fact that all the characters look like poor, styilised manga- it really breaks my, well, suspension of disbelief I suppose, and keeps me from really enjoying a well-written little story. Illustrated well, I think this could be intriguing. As it is …bleh. This is gonna replace C&A in my daily trawl? Humph.

I liked the storyline and a lot of the dialogue, but like C&A the art really is the weak point. Andy Weir’s art has gotten much better over C&A’s run, and the Cheshire Crossing art looked a bit more polished than the average C&A strip … but still. C&A is almost a guilty pleasure, because if I try to hook someone else on it, it’s very hard for them to get past the “high schooler doodling during chemistry class” art.

Which is not to say I could draw a better comic (I don’t have the consistency). Nor write one – Weir’s biggest strength lies in dialogue and jokes, especially those that take some esoteric or scientific knowledge to really understand. I just think Weir would be well-served by putting in some work refining his drawing style.