Hell with IT, *this* is the greatest invention EVER (adult material)

Ladies and gentlemen, I invite you to behold an invention of incredible genius.

It’s going to revolutionize the way we think about our social relationships. Entire cities may be designed around it.

My friends, I give you The Pussy Snorkel.

Here is another advertisement for the same.

Let us mark this moment as the day the universe changed.

I think we should observe a moment of silence.

I have never seen anything so sexy in my life. :rolleyes:
Unless you’re into alien porn…

Yet another product I’ll never have the opportunity to use.

I’m so torn. Do I want the T-shirt and snorkel package, which is quite a deal, or do I go all out and go for the glow-in-the-dark one with the T-shirt separately? I think I’ll have to go with the latter. I’m worth it.

I predict that the Pussy Snorkel, worn casually about the neck, will become the most popular male fashion statement since Mercedes-Benz emblems.

Hey, I don’t care how it makes him look…if it can help me relax a little more by removing my anxiety about whether he is getting adequate air, that’s sexy!

I think it’s a great invention.


Ignorance is only quashed by rigorous peer reviewed field testing. It’s a hellish job, but I volunteer to wear the snorkel…ladies, may I have test subject number 1? :smiley:

Hey, that looks VERY cool, I’ll have to pass this on to my fiance :wink:

Entirely too funny and too cool! Ordered one, along with the ladies tank top and a shirt for Turbo Dog! Should be here in 3 days, so I’ll let ya know if it works… :smiley:

Dammit! I can’t have this thing delivered to my apartment, because the front door is locked and they won’t leave it outside. Normally, I have stuff delivered to my office, but my nosy co-workers like to open my packages for me. I’m the only male in the office.

I have therefore offered the few friends who will still associate with me a free Pussy Snorkel package (T-shirt and Snorkel) if one of them will accept the delivery. Another stipulation is that the package must be opened, and tried on, at a bar of my choosing. I intend to document the incident with digital cameras, if we can fend off the girls that long.

It should go nicely with Tequila Mockingbird’s field report. I have been informed that certain individuals consider this nonsense to be too humorous to be sexual. Oh, yeah? Wait 'till I break out the goggles and the Balaclava to go with it! I have a clown suit, too, you know. This is not humor; it’s science. And we all know that science is inherently sexy. Look at how much play Ben Franklin got.

If these things work half as well as I expect they should, you’ll need a squirt of Dristan. You heard it here first.

So this thing works how, again? You stick the tubes down her pants to get the fragrant scent…

<whisper whisper>

Oh, I see. Well, that makes more sense.
I think my way would’ve worked, too. 'Course, I like that sort of thing, so…

Hey… that might come in handy. The number of times my oxygen supply has been cut off and I’ve had to come up for air at the most inoppertune times. One time it ended up in my bursting out in laughter because I was dying from lack of oxygen causing the great “blowing in the belly” rasberry type effect. Quite the mood killer. Amused ME however. :smiley:

Well hell and dammit anyways! Now that I bought the stuff, Sofa King makes a good offer! :slight_smile: I’ll take pics of it too, SK… we can have a combined field report. :slight_smile:

I am pleased to report that the company does indeed ship overnight! Got home from work and guess what I found on my doorstep? Will report on it’s effectiveness after the kids go to sleep! I just wish I had another willing female for ME to try it out on too!!!

[lea delaria]“And why do lesbians wear earrings in their noses?” some snotty girl wants to know…


Oh my god! Someone quoted Lea Delaria and it wasn’t me! XTN, I don’t know whether to love you or hate you…

sigh The perils of living so far away. I would gladly be a test subject for you. All in the name of science, you understand… :smiley:

[sub]You know, Port Charlotte is the next town south… I wonder if I should go on a shopping trip…[/sub]

Hey, Tequila, my obsession, my dear… if you were just a smidge closer, I would offer my services… see, for a truly scientific report, one needs several groups, plus one control…

Doctor Stumbles Onto Orgasm Machine

[cardigans]Love me, love me, say that you love me…
Fool me, fool me, go on and fool me[/cardigans]