Hello from Trinnity

Don’t know how in the world my name was already taken and had to put Miss in front, but no matter. I’m a veteran of political discussions and I’ll make a thread in politics as well. Does this board have much activity?

Define “Much”

Are you the one who hacked the IRS d-base?

By which, they both mean “Welcome Miss Trinnity”

Hope you’ll stick around and join in some of the politics threads. We always like a fresh viewpoint!

IRS? Um no…

Well, about activity, most forums has a list of how many members are currently online and how many members are current (last 30 days - I didn’t see that here). It’s a good way to see if a forum is active or basically a ghost town. I don’t want to post on a forum that’s sort of dead-ish.

So, that’s why I asked.

Thank you for the welcome.

These boards are generally pretty active. You can click on “New Posts” and get a pretty good idea of the activity at any given moment.

These boards are so active that even dead people post regularly.

I didn’t know nuclear test sites have gender assignment.

Where do you think the phrase “She’s a bombshell” comes from?

Jessica Rabbit?


You’ll find politics (generally) under “Elections”, although we have separate threads in the “BBQ Pit” for those who want to rant. Occasionally threads on politics are under “General Questions” or “Great Debates”, but those are political threads not tied to the Election. More general.

Not sure that’s all clear, but that should give you an idea of where to look to find out which type of discussion you’re most interested in.

Maybe there was a second test and the device was off course?