Hello, I'm new here

Dear teeming millions,

I finally worked up the courage to join the SDMB after about 3-4 years of lurking. It seems that I missed the “How did you find the Dope?”-thread by a week or so (that story is for the next round, I guess), so I just wanted to say hi.

I’m a sound engineer from Berlin, Germany, so I look forward to participating in discussions regarding Germany, Berlin, music or just about anything else, of course.

Please excuse this rather blunt attempt to get your attention, you may now continue with your regularly scheduled programming.

Really excited to finally be with the cool kids, all the best

The Pitchmeister

Maybe you can answer the age old question: which goes better with sauerkraut, squid or goat?

Welcome. Enjoy your sojurn here, and pay no attention to the splashing in room 101.

In my personal experience, sauerkraut goes best with dogs, since I hate both. I’m sure crickets or sea horses are just as delicious.

Maybe I should add that culinary arts isn’t really my strong suit…

Also, thank you for your kind words of welcome, I’ve been wanting to check those noises out for a while now. I’m sure I’ll learn very soon what they are about.

Lessee, I took 2 semesters of German in college over 30 years ago, so I can’t impress you with my mad language skillz. (All I remember, if I spell it correctly: Ich bin krank und ich bin mude.) Yeah, I can tell you’re impressed.

I’m an engineer, but aeronautical, not sound. I learned to play the accordion when I was 7, but that hardly qualifies as music.

So I’ll just say Hi! Welcome to the playground! And feel free to send me cases of fine chocolates. :smiley:

Actually, very impressed with your language skillz, spelling is flawless except for müde, but then I suppose the Umlaut would be difficult to do on an American keyboard. Also, I hope you get better soon (or, as we say, Gesundheit!)

I hope you’re not implying the accordion doesn’t qualify as a musical instrument, because I, as a German, would have to take offense to that. :wink: On the other hand, playing the accordion is like singing karaoke (which I also immensely enjoy), in that there is always someone 10x worse than you playing in the Berlin subway at any given time.

Happy flying (and I hope you get some good sleep, too…)

Actually, I am neither sick nor tired - that’s all the German that I remember off the top of my head. :smiley: My first instructor was from Berlin and she was great. The next semester, the class was taught by a grad student who had a horrid accent and a nasty attitude, so I didn’t learn much from her. And I never took a class again after that. It’s all her fault!!!

I should have expanded my statement to say that at age 56, I still play the accordion as well as I did at age 7, so *that *hardly qualifies as music. My dad was an amazing accordionist with a remarkably good ear. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the dedication that he did to the instrument. And to be fair, the accordion is not a good instrument for a buxom woman.

Which give me the opportunity to tell my one accordion joke about the all-girl topless accordion band. The music is great, but you can’t hear it over the screams!

:eek: :eek: :eek:

OK, I’ll stop now.

hello Pitchmeister. Be welcome. Enjoy your stay.

Guten tag, Pitchmeister. Welcome to the Dope!

What, here? You know we’re all massive geeks, right? Welcome, anyway. :slight_smile:

Hmmm. “A sound engineer from Berlin,” eh? Hmmm. First we had that “racist.” Then we had that pseudo-“communist.” Now a “sound engineer.” This is all awfully suspicious.

Come in and make yourself at home while I go take my meds.

I for one welcome our new acoustical overlords.

Yes, I remember, those are the signs of the apocalypse, right?

Seriously, I’m aware of the circumstances of my coming, and I hope my stay will elicit less scorn and ridicule than these other two individuals, as I am neither a racist, a communist, a grapist or extremist of any other sort. (I watch John Stewart, though, not sure if that counts as being extremist.) At least the responses so far seem a bit more favorable…

I appreciate your kind words of welcome, they will not be forgotten when the time comes.

ETA: I can’t believe it took a mere 10 posts until the occurrence of one of my favorite board memes. YAY Autolycus!

Hi. It’s even more fun when you can post back.

I assume you’re familiar with the squid-and-goat routine? The squid is in room 107, the goat is in 108. You know what to do.