Hello, this is my first post

I’m exemarsec, formerly FascistHunter from a long time ago before the switch to pay. I have been a reader for about two years so I’m sort of embarassed that I didnt sign up earlier, but i guess later is better then not at all, so all in all I am just saying hello to all you people in the dope, um… I’m here.

Yes, yes you are.
Elbow macaroni.
I just wanted to say that.

Okay – I’ve alerted sunspace, who just wanted to round up a couple of things – but in the meantime, do you prefer goats or llamas? Just as a strictly hypotethical question, of course.


Welcome, exemarsec!

[sub]twickster, you do realise that the llamas aren’t out of beta yet, right? Youknow how peeved the Thing Downstairs gets when presented with betas…[/sub]

No, we have no initiation rituals. Why do you ask?

innocent look

Hello exemarsec. I’m not any sort of official greeter or anything. Frankly, I don’t think most of these bastards know I exist. But I felt that it was important to greet you nonetheless. On behalf of me. And maybe my fig tree.

Now that we’ve gotten those formalities out of the way, I just want to point out a slight mis-step that you’ve already made. Though you’ve been a lurker for a couple years, and were previously a registered user, actually using the boards can sometimes be confusing. The particular point I am trying to make here is that MPSIMS is for Miscellaneous Pointless Stuff I (you) Must Share. Pointless. Your post clearly had a point; several, in fact. It was announcing your registration and greeting your fellow Dopers. And near as I can tell, you were also volunteering to be part of the “Strapped Down Group” in the next annual SDMB Great Goat Experiment. Details will follow on where you should be, when you should be there, and where to pick up your leather, latex, and chainmail “dancing rabbit” suit.

Anyway, I don’t wish to be labeled as a Junior Mod, but those were all clearly points. Please govern yourself with a little more restraint in the future.

Oh, and welcome.

exemarsec, don’t worry. MPSIMS often has quite pointful posts. It’s just where all the stuff that doesn’t fit in the other forums tends to end up.

(Standup Karmic, we have goat experiments? Did I miss a memo? I thought it was like Karl and the petting zoo in Jimmy Neutron [sub]at least that’s what my brain keeps trying to tell me[/sub])

Well, there’s experiments and there’s “experiments,” if you know what I mean. And if you don’t – well, don’t worry about it. No, really, just don’t worry your pretty little head about it.

Oh! Good! Here comes the calamari!

llamas? goats?
well, at least I know this is the place for me,
as long as they’re mutated and prone to organize themselves into diabolic leigons of sorts…
sigh one can only wish

I wouldn’t wish too hard, if I were you… :smiley:

splosh splosh

THUMP drip drip.

:: a flash of quick tentacular motion ::

AIIEE!!! It got the key! It got the frickin’ key!

:: looks around nervously, then grimaces and picks up toilet plunger ::

We got The Big Goat back from the shop. They installed the upgrades we requested.

We got the “Off- Road” package, with the raised chassis and wench. :smiley:

The problem is…I think we exceeded the milage quota on the llama, so they want another $398.46. Does Ed have a piggy bank we can raid?


Already, your username is giving me pronunciation problems.
Stop messing with my head!

Oh, remember to wear a kilt for the initiation! You’ll be able to take the goat by surprise!

Welcome to the boards! :slight_smile:

Be careful…Them goats are wiley.

Dont make any sudden moves. :eek:

Welcome aboard!

Get out while you can…

Runs and hides.

Dave’s not here man.

Welcome to the SDMB, Mr (or is it Ms?) exemarsec). Please forgive us, but the person who was occupying your membership previously had an unfortunate accident with a goat he had brought along as, er, a service animal, yes, that’s it, and Housekeeping has had a rather tough row to hoe cleaning up the mess, if you know what I mean, and I’m sure you do nudge nudge. So if you’ll just have a seat there in the lobby, we’ll have everything spic and span for you in a jiffy. And if there’s anything at all we can do to make your stay here just the teensiest bit more enjoyable, just let us know.

Chet! When you’re done wrestling that, er, calamari for the key, bring Mr. (or is it Ms.?) exemarsec a glass of firewater and some prawn dip! This WEEK, if you don’t mind!

I’m da hoochie koochie man. Ebbrybody knows I’m here.

Mind the goats, and we’ll leave the lights on for ya.


This is my 9, 423 ( or thereabouts) post.

You have to do alot to catch up to me.

Like throw you life down the toilet.

Do you have that kind of commitment?




You use to be Fascist Hunter.

Did you give up that kind of game hunting? Have you moved on to something more challenging, like Zombies?

No, no, no. It’s not that he’s changed his quarry; it’s just that he’s changed his political affiliation. He used to be a fascist. Now he’s a communist.