Hell's Kitchen 2/26/09

Hi all,

So he finally got rid of Seth- YAY! At least he finally admitted at the end that his skills could not match his confidence. I’m sure Ramsey is freakin’ out that Seth will be his “competition in New York”. Gross about the kitchen rag, nasty!

I do think he needs to do something new- I’m tired of the “feed the kids” episodes, and his putting Lacey on the men’s team- didn’t he do that same thing with Jen last year? The big guy making fun of Ramsey was pretty funny though…

Man, they were just nasty to each other this episode - moreso than normal, even! I wonder if Lacey’s move may help both teams - the women will be glad that their main “target” is on the other team, and the men may unite against Lacey and stop their backbiting of various members?

I’m amused by the kid segments, if only to see Ramsey bite back the expletives while still trying to whip the chef crews into shape.

“v! V-i! V-c-i-t-o-r-y!”

There’s not a contestant this season I’d let toast my Eggo waffles.

I had to rewind and watch that again. Freakin’ funny. I hope she stays around for the comedy relief. Lacey too. In that vein, I was sorry to see Seth go.

Didn’t he let fly a couple of times? I seem to recall his screaming at one chef something like, “Do you expect them to eat that!? THEY’RE F–KING CHILDREN!!!”


:eek: Missed that! I was getting ready for work while watching it on DVR this morning, must’ve been distracted at that point. I love it.

I suspect the release for parents of the kids includes lots of standard-for-Ramsey boilerplate language about his potty mouth.

I watched it in the morning last week too, and my husband sleeps in a little. He came out of the bedroom after a while, asking what was beeping. I didn’t make the connection right away, then said “Sorry, watching Gordon Ramsey.” He understood immediately.

I don’t know, but in some shots, it looks like the ‘kitchen’ is enclosed with glass. Am I wrong?

The V-C-I-T-O-R-Y ? cracked me up.

As far as Seth goes–Scrambled Eggs? He brags on a recipe of Gordons and then can’t make enough eggs… and THEN, sweats all over that kitchen rag. <shudder>

In my mind, I was thinking of that one woman that got the pasta out of the trash.
< double shudder>

I still don’t understand, when we see them cooking like mad, why no food makes it out to the diners for a full hour. Is Ramsey throwing everything away? Maybe if they staggered people coming in, like a real restaurant, instead of everyone sitting down at once, these people would have a chance at getting a meal on a plate.And just curious…if the men had won the breakfast challenge, would they have gone to the spa, too?

Do they not give the chefs an adequate supply of side towels? If I was cooking in that sort of environment, I’d be wanting at least a dozen clean and dry towels all neatly folded and ready to grab.

Still haven’t figured out Ben… Something distracted or confused him and he started firing desserts about five minutes into service, and that just seemed to keep him in the weeds and on Ramsay’s sh!t list for the rest of the night. Other than that, he seems to have the ability to lead a brigade and run a kitchen.