Hell's Kitchen 6/26

Well, I’m still hanging in there. It’s kind of hard to say who I’m rooting for though. I did like Sarah, until last night when she showed her true colors as a devious backstabbing liar. I still like her more than the others, although I’ll admit, it’s more like the appreciation you’d have for a movie villain.

I don’t care much for Rachel anymore either. She was so bitter and nasty over losing the challenge. Jeez, get over it already.

Picture the scene just before the kids were let into the restaurant: “Here’s your silly string, here’s your noisemaker…now go show us what little bastards you can be!”

I felt almost sorry for Heather having to go over to the men’s team, especially when they won the challenge and she had to go with those guys to the amusement park. If I were her, I think I’d have waited in the car. It was especially gruesome when Ass-crack Boy pointed out to her that the HK of Hell’s Kitchen could stand for Heather and Keith.

At least we don’t have to watch slimy, creepy Tom anymore. That is, if you don’t count all the flashbacks, “updates”, and re-runs. I’ve seen the sweat drip from his nose into the food clip about twenty times now.

I’m glad it was Tom to go. Such an arrogant, sweaty, icky man.

I agree with the rest of you, that there’s no one to truly love. I hate all of the contestants, just some more than others…

Obviously, Tom was the one that had to go, but I was kinda sad to see him go, if only to see him talk to himself a little bit more, or perhaps vaguely threaten Chef Ramsey when the chef is no where to be seen.

The little plot twist with Sara stabbing her two teammates, that was an interesting development.

I have a feeling this whole thing is Heather’s to lose. She’s the only one that seems remotely competent, and is among the least disagreeable.

I’m sort of rooting for the dark haired woman with her hair in the little side twists – don’t know much about her, but she hasn’t done anything really obnoxious yet.

How about that freaking smirk on Sara’s face when Ramsay was bitching at Virginia?

Tom’s been a dead man walking since the first time he sweated into the food. The look of disgust on Ramsay’s face when Tom first started his pan on fire and then tried to blow it out just underlined both his lack of competence and his total lack of training or experience (you COVER a grease fire, Tom, you don’t blow on it unless you want to lose your eyebrows, idiot). The guy has no business in a professional kitchen.

I laughed at the scene where the diners could hear Ramsay cursing out both teams and telling them to get the hell out of the kitchen. "I guess we aren’t going to get served.’

What a miserable lot of players this is. Maybe one or two of them could manage a Hardee’s. I can’t believe that any of them would be able to run an upscale restaraunt. If there has to be a winner, I guess it would be Heather at this point but it’s hard to find anyone to really care about or root for.

Any one of the players on Top Chef would destroy this entire crew.

Top Chef? Heck, I could mop up the place with these losers. I’ve seen can openers with more kitchen smarts.

I just haven’t seen a spark of passion in any of them yet. Not much spark of competency either.

And what is it with Ramsey and risotto?

Does anyone else find it curious that all, or at least most, of these chef wannabes are smokers? They show them outside in their courtyard smoking and by my observation, at least most of them are smokers.
Now I think if you got together this many people at random, it’s unlikely that many would be smokers. So is there something about cooks/chefs that makes it more likely? Do they just come from a profession or lifestyle where it’s more common than in the public at large?
And isn’t that a bad habit for a chef? I always heard that smoking dulled your sense of taste.

Heh, I wondered about the risotto as well. It’s always on the menu and they can’t seem to get it right. If you were playing a drinking game for this show you should do a shot every time Ramsey says risotto.

I know the editing is showing us the worst parts, but I can’t believe any of these people really has cooking experience in a busy kitchen. None of them seem capable under stress and unable to cook more than one thing at a time. Come on - I’ve thrown dinner parties and had 4-5 dishes going at once, and I have no proper training. I can’t believe how inept they are at doing simple tasks sometimes.

They are unable to work together, it is a big mess. The guy who cooks at my local Applebee’s has it more together than they do.

I was ***REALLY ** * hoping that instead of throwing Tom out (who is a sweaty, useless pos) that after chewing on Tom and Virginia about how much they’d screwed up, Ramsey would look at Sara and say, “but you’re a lying bitch who sabotages members of her team, so get outta my kitchen.”

Well, if you watched last season you may remember that the prize was about the same (run your very own whoop-de-doo restaurant), but they punked out at the end and offered the guy a job in one of Ramsey’s places. And he took it!

To tell the truth, I can’t really understand why anyone in their right mind would want to play the game or win the prize.

Anybody know the deal on the customers who go to this place for dinner? Are they all actors or friends of the producers, etc., who are just playing along for the camera?
'Cause I don’t know why anyone would go to this place expecting dinner. Maybe the first season if they just publicized it as a Gordon Ramsay restaurant. Maybe. But now it seems you’d have to be a real ditz to go there and not know there’s a very good chance you’ll sit for hours without any food.

It is weird. I thought maybe they got people in by promising them free food; but then why do the people get so pissed off when it doesn’t come? They certainly seem to feel as entitled as paying customers.

Supposedly they have celebrity guests next week. It’ll be interesting to see who they get.

That bothers me too. I’m assuming they’re not paying for the food and know that it’s a televised competition… but I suppose you’d still never expect it to take several HOURS to get food out. It’s just so unbelieveable.

If I were an aspiring chef and given the choice of mentoring with someone for a year, or being handed some keys and told “Here ya go, good luck!” I’d go for the training.

If he’d taken the restaurant, I’d have bet real money that it would have failed within a year - that’s just the fickle nature of the restaurant business - most new restaurants will go under.

Yeah, but how do we know Ramsay hasn’t canned him by now? They really should do an update on that guy. Of course, then they wouldn’t have as much time to show that clip of Tom dripping sweat into the food.

I knew there was something I didn’t like about Sara. What a little witch! I wondered if Ramsay watches any of the footage they shoot during the day so he’d know that Sara was lying her ass off. I hope that comes back to bite her.

I rather liked the first Hell’s Kitchen. It was full of wannabe chefs who, for the most part, did their best to make themselves and their team shine. In most cases, the person Ramsay picked to nominate that week’s loser had a hard time doing it.

This second one though…I dunno. We’re not that far into it, and already it seems to be taking on a Survivor-esque attitude: “Rather than doing my best, I’m going to do what I can to make all the other wannabe chefs look worse than me. If meals don’t get to the diners, I don’t care just as long as whatever I do makes the other team and my teammates look like idiots.” Does anybody else find this?

I gotta say, though, the kids’ lunch was a great twist. At one point, did I see the restaurant host covered in Silly String–and squirting some back?

And what was the point of Ramsey’s female Sous-Chef getting all bitched-out and throwing More food on the floor while the ladies were cleaning up? So, Sara was having a goofy time doing that nasty task? B.F.D…

I have to agree that there is no contestant worthy of getting a restaurant in the batch. Where DID they find these people? An EX stock broker??? Fishmonger?? Prison Cook??? Jethro-Bodine??? :eek:

Sara…it seems that every shot is of her smirking or looking manipulative. She makes me feel uneasy.

Why are the contestants themselves so stupid? The girl she messed with seems to have bought her story!

My bet is still on Heather. She annoys me least and she seems organized or ‘bossy’. :wink: I thought it was funny that she made Keith fix the pant problem, and I was surprised that she and the blue team seem to be doing okay together.

Wasn’t the guywho came in second on the first season a challenger on Iron Chef America not too long ago?

If any of this lot went on that show I think we’d have the firts episode where a challenger was unable to complete a single dish.