Hell's Kitchen 7-17-06

Much ado about nothing. Garrett got the loser edit, so I knew he wouldn’t be the one to go. I also knew Ramsay’s yelling “there’s blood everywhere” was about raw meat. The teasers, they do not fool me.

Sara dodged a bullet. After hating her with intense lust, I actually thought she kind of redeemed herself a little, even if she was a fucking idiot for proposing a dish she hadn’t even mastered herself. Also, I felt more pity for her once I saw her in a two-piece. Maribel - clearly out of her depth, and pretty amazing that she lasted as long as she did… Virginia, shut the fuck up. Please. Though I did enjoy seeing you in swimwear this week.

Blue team - is it me or do you think Garrett is always about two seconds from going apeshit on his teammates/Ramsay/the camera crew? Still hate Heather, she irks immensely. K-Grease is bouncing back a little. He is quite hardworking and competent. However, he comes across as a Goonies character with a severe case of wannabe-itis (sorry, that’s not PC, but I think that’s what he has).

Ultimately, only Heather has an appealing enough storyline that people wouldn’t retch over and avoid. Seriously, I wouldn’t seek out Heather’s restaurant, but I wouldn’t have a problem eating there if I was at the resort. I think I would skip over K-Grease’s spot, or Sara’s, or Virginia’s, or Garrett’s…

I suspect the next episode will feature the food fight! :eek:

I’m finding it really hard to believe that any of these losers could successfully run a resturaunt. There’s got to be some kind of catch for the resort (your get to name the place, but chef Mario here, who’s run five resturaunts around vegas, gets veto power over all other decisions, and these sous chefs actually run the kitchen). They can’t allow a loser resturaunt in their resort. I also kind of doubt Ramsay will offer anyone an apprenticeship.

It’s time to start making nice and acting like folks are improving, but it seemed really forced. It’s still pretty awful in there.

It’s coming down to Keith and Heather. Virginia’s got the cans, and Garrett’s got the history, but those two are the only ones that can actually cook. Sara’s a dead woman walking, although if Garrett cracks, or Virginia has some especially bad luck, one of them might go first.

I usually hate reality shows, but for some reason, I can’t turn this one off. Maybe it’s all the fire and knives.

And I can’t see any of them actually running a fancy restaurant. The winner will probably be more of a casino greeter than the person running the show.

I know. This show has absolutely no redeeming features, yet I feel compelled to watch.

I suggest that all contestants this season be disqualified for being incompetent and unlikable; then Jean-Phillipe gets his own restaurant.

I can not see any of these people even working in an upscale restaurant! EVER!

In one shot, they fuzzed out her nipples.

Keith is appearing more capable but I agree with the conscensus that none of these people should have a restaurant at this point.

Sara is all over the map. She may be delusional. Why go on about how great your lamb is when you really haven’t made it?

I felt sorry for Maribel. She wasn’t as cutthroat as the others but she never screwed up as big as any of the others on her team.

I can possibly see Heather working in an upscale restaurant, but that is about it.

I can see Heather or Keith as sous-chefs but not as head chefs or as kitchen managers.

Sarah is psycho and delusional and not long for this show but I can understand the firing of Maribel. Ramsay said she wasn’t a leader and that’s part of it but another part of it is that she often seemed lost and uninvolved. Nothing drives a head chef crazier than a line cook who seems to always be standing around not doing anything or who constantly has to be directed about what to do. If you can’t make it as a line cook you can never run a kitchen. Kitchen managers can sometimes overlook assholish personalities if the person puts out during service. Sarah was edited last night to look incompetent but Ramsay must have felt like she at least has more functional capability on the line than Maribel and I suspect that why she was given a temporary reprieve.

See, this is one problem I have with this kind of show. Every episode, the drama is about who’s going home, so they spend most of the series making everyone look bad and horrible and incompetent so we’re on pins and needles to find out which loser is getting kicked off. Then, at the very end, there’s this huge about-face, and suddenly, it’s all “oh, you’re great! You’re the best I’ve ever seen! You deserve this huge prize!”

Not to out-cynic you, but the only reason Sarah is still around is to provide the “omfg! she’s such a bitch” character and to cause tension between the players.

Could someone in the know please answer this question:

Do chefs at high-end places (I’ve only ever worked in chain restaurants and college dining halls) typically put their fingers all over the food before serving it? I’m thinking particularly of last week’s incident of Wellington tampering, and the voice-over pointing out that Gordon can tell the doneness of the meat by touch. Never mind all the tasting going on- if I looked over and saw someone snatching a bite out of my meal, I’d be… very put out.

This is beginning to really disturb me- I thought all I had to worry about was servers spitting in my dinner.