Hell's Kitchen 7/10

So much for Rachel. Oh well.

Didn’t they promise us celebrities? Unless a celebrity ran through the restaurant while I was getting ice cream, they gave us no celebrities! It’s okay, actually, since I’m an old coot who probably wouldn’t know today’s hot celebrities if they walked up and bit me on the butt.

Sarah…there’s no other word for her but evil. Yet I must root for her, for no other reason than that she cut the cheese during a glamorous photo shoot while sitting next to Chef. Fart on, girl!

This show keeps my attention for some reason, but darned if I know what it is. I don’t love any one contestant, Gordon is the same week after week.

I thought Sara farting was so not funny…

And I kinda liked Rachel, except when she tried to sneak the overdone Wellington by Chef. Don’t these guys have timers? How can they consistently undercook and overcook stuff? They’ll say “two minutes,” and still it’s overdone. I don’t get it.

I heard the same thing about celebrities and saw none. Of course, if I were a real celebrity (and not just a pretend one) I don’t think I’d want to be associated with this show. When they showed the clips from next week, I said to my wife, “Let me guess, Chef yells, cusses and calls everybody stupid.” I’m torn between pulling for Virginia because she reminds me so much of Rachel Ray or Heather because she seems to be the only one that could actually be a chef.

I would have rather seen Sara go than Rachel, but Rachel always seemed to mess up somehow during the dinner service. Obviously she isn’t ready to be in charge of a kitchen. The only one who might be able to handle the prize is Heather but she seems to lose it when the pressure is on. Then again, if she won she probably wouldn’t have Ramsay yelling in her face every day.

I finally got to see an episode! (I usually work the 4AM shift on Tuesdays, so I’ve missed most of them thus far).

The celebrity sighting must be next week shrug

The only one I find anywhere near likeable is Virginia. Hard to say who has more chops, her or Heather.

Rachel? Please. I’ve known cooks like her, cooks who have the talent/drive, but who, for some reason, screw everything up during service. In Rachel’s case, I think it was her ego more than anything else that did her in. And WTF with the lying? To Gordon, of all people?!? You just don’t do things like that in ANY kitchen.

I don’t trust Sara for an instant. I kept mouthing “You snarky f-ing bitch” everytime she was on. Plus I don’t find the farting funny at all.

For some reason I feel compelled to explain something overall about this show:

If you’re already a chef/cook or in the food service biz, you’ll sit there shaking your head not only because of the familiarity, but also because it’s asinine to presume that anyone NOT in the biz can win this competition. Remember Michael from last year? He was already a professional cook.

If you’re not any of the above, it’ll destroy any illusions you have about the business. As cranky as Gordon is, his type, unfortunately, is a driving force in a lot of kitchens.

Every time I watch this show, I think, “Why do they all have to have such attitude?” Then I realize everyone by default has a reality show contestant personality. As a fan of Anthony Bourdain’s books, I can’t help but think that if you threw in two Ecuadorian ex-dishwashers into the mix (one on each team), they would easily beat the pants off the other contestants, and they wouldn’t have the attitude. But then again, it wouldn’t be good TV.

No worries, it’s not good TV now. I really haven’t been able to figure out why I’m watching.