Help Donald Trump find his roll-playing game alignment

Inspired by a resurrected thread in IMHO, I took this test to find my D&D alignment.

Then, for the hell of it, I took it again on behalf of Donald Trump, answering with what I thought his truthful answers would be when he was a presidential candidate.*

When you do the same, what alignment does it report Donald Trump to be? Anyone surprised by the answer? If you are a Trump supporter, does his reported alignment match the alignment you want in a president?

  • I gave the answers I thought he would give if he were being truly honest, as though no one but him would ever know the results of the test. I realize this does not accurately assess Trump’s personality but rather gives my assessment of his personality through the distorted lens of a silly personality quiz. I still enjoyed doing it.

It’s pretty obvious that he’s Chaotic Stupid.

Only because they don’t have a category for “stable genius.”

Lawful means you value AND FOLLOW community standards. Chaotic means that you deprioritize community standards as guidelines for your own life.

Good means you value the welfare of other people. Evil means you deprioritize other folks’ welfare when it interferes with your own desires.

How is this a hard question?

I said “Chaotic Neutral” because he’s definitely a chaotic force, but he doesn’t seem to really have a lean toward good or evil overall; just what’s good for him at the moment. Chaotic evil implies more intention to do bad stuff than I think is actually there, despite the effects of his actions.

If there was a “Chaotic Self-Absorbed”, that would be the alignment I would have chosen.

I’m mostly on board with this. I don’t think he tries to do shitty things. He doesn’t care if he does them, and they often align with enriching himself.

Given the banality of evil though, perhaps that’s enough rather than holding out the evil label for serial killers and telemarketers.

The test link doesn’t work for me, but I’d peg him as Neutral Evil. He’s all about himself. He’s a disruptive force, keeping his opponents off-balance, but that doesn’t mean that he himself is chaotic - he’s deliberately using chaos IYSWIM. He’s Evil because he definitely tries to harm others (financially, that is, by refusing to pay), but he obeys the strictures of the Law when forced.

I agree with this. NE has always struck me as the purely self absorbed and most selfish of the alignments.

Test link doesn’t work for me either. Chaotic evil is my choice. Chaotic because he’s not organized, and he’s flighty as hell. He can’t stay focused for 10 seconds. Evil because he harms others, and he uses harm to get his way. He believes evil things and he promotes evil beliefs. He lies about his intentions when it benefits him to do so. He deceives on a massive scale. I’m stopping there. My keyboard is getting slimy by association. :mad:

I ended up at “chaotic neutral” before looking at any of the comments. My thought is, well, the chaotic part is obvious, and “neutral” because I think he is completely amoral and really doesn’t give a shit about good vs evil just, like you said, whatever is good for him at the moment.

This is pretty mindless and pointless, but then again it’s about a political figure and it contains a poll. Not quite ranty enough for the Pit either. There’s no debate, and it’s only super loosely based on some kind of entertainment with the alignment gradients. It’s kind of like asking opinions, … but then I’d inflict that on ITD and Asimovian…Eh, it stays for now.


You’re a good person.

I disagree, there are definitely some actions that Trump takes that are done purely out of spite, such as actively cutting offthe health care to his grand nephew who had cerebral palsy.

Also doing whats good for you at the moment can be an evil act if it hurts others.

If a character sees and injured person on their path:
A good character would help them
A neutral character would just leave them alone and go on his way.
An evil character would rifle through their pockets for gold.

Donald Trump really seems like the third kind.

ETA: Here’s a better link to the test.

He doesn’t pay his contractors (unless he cheated on his wife with them) and he kicked his sick nephew off of the company health insurance to fuck with his brother. That’s not self-interest. That’s not disinterest. That’s evil.

And as my blood pressure and eating habits will attest from these last 21 months, he’s pure chaos.

I read the OP. Chaotic Neutral? Then I thought, “Oh, wow, yeah, Chaotic Evil.” I don’t mean he’s a Champion of Darkness, but he’s chaotic and he’s at least neutral on the Good-Evil axis, but he’s crooked enough he’s probably over the line into CE. CE or CN.

(And yes, I know that Monte Cook’s Champions of Darkness are from a setting without a nine-alignment grid. But I mean that CE doesn’t have to mean that.)

OK, let’s try this quiz.

The quiz didn’t work for me.

Oh, you know what Trump’s character class would be?

[spoiler]Trick question! Trump has no class!

No, really! He’s not, like, an Expert or a Warrior. Maybe a Rogue? But I think that like many monsters, he may just lack a PC (or NPC) class. Just human racial hit dice?


OK, I answered some the way I think he’d answer it more than the way I see him. But I also made him out to be a bigger coward than he’d usually admit.

I got Chaotic Neutral. Which is, you know, kind.

First thing I thought just reading the title of the thread.

Chaotic Good.

How can Lawful Evil only have one vote? The Guy’s literally the President and the Evil part is self evident.

ETA: Lawful means you work within the structures of society. Corrupt Politicians are the epitome of Lawful Evil.

Because he doesn’t work within the law. Thought that would have been obvious.