Help finding this Atheist's website

Quite a many months ago, I ran across some interesting articles on a website by some Atheist I cannot remember. I tried to search it, but while my google-fu turned up many interesting atheist sites, I could not find the one with the articles I remember.

The article I remember the most discussed the viewpoint that God seemed very egotistical and brought up many biblical verses to back it up, mostly about hosts of angels singing his praise.

This site had some other “enlightening” articles such as cruelties in the bible and so on.

I remember the site was plain, a bluish grey background, or some sort of blue or blueish green. It had many articles, and other stuff (though I can’t really recall because I only read the articles).

I am interested in looking at these articles again, and once I had it bookmarked, but somehow it got deleted.

Anybody know of this site?

It has a new colour scheme though.

Interesting site, but I don’t think that was it. I didn’t see the article on how God has a small ego or however it was put.

Ebon’s Musings?
Daylight Atheism?
Positive Atheism
Skeptic’s Annotated Bible
Strong Atheism
American Atheists
Freedom From Religion Foundation
Internet Infidels
The Atheist Network

Any of these the one’s you were thinking of?

Could it have been an “about atheism” article?

This one might be what I was thinking of. The format has changed, but it has likely been well over a year ago, and though I don’t see the article I was looking for, many of them look very familiar. And the website, now that I remember, was a guys name, like this one. (though I thought it was something that started with a D, funny how memory is)

I will pray for your finding the site.


That’s the author’s style - he’s also the author of Daylight Atheism. I believe he also posted on the infidel’s messageboard for a bit.

This one?