Help identify a Song (say yeah yeah yeah)

Yeah yeah yeah,
Say yeah yeah yeah

Yes, I know, probably the most overused refrain in pop music. But I caught a song last night on a classic rock station that I’d like to hear again. And the chorus is the only part I remember. 'Twas played at a medium-fast tempo and what I’d call a “swing” rhythm. It ran a little longer than normal, maybe 5 minutes or more. Some extended instrumental riffs between verses, and what really caught my attention was a prominent counter-melody throughout played on what sounded like an accordion but was probably a synthesizer. Gave the song sort of a latin or maybe reggae feel. And the only lyrics I caught were “say yeah yeah yeah”. Not much to go on, I know. Can anyone identify this latest ear worm?

The only one I can think of is “Cherry Bomb” by John Mellencamp, but I’m probably wrong.

“Outside the club Cherry Bomb,
Our hearts were really thumpin’,
Say yeah, yeah, yeah.
Say yeah, yeah, yeah.”

Yeh, Yeh” by Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames?

Heh… no, that’s it. Thanks. I should have recognized Mellencamp’s sound. Looking at the wiki entry for the album (The Lonesome Jubilee), it appears that it was, in fact, an accordion at work in the background.