Help Identifying a Song

Need to find this song for the girlfriend. Here’s what I have:
Little known all-girls band from the 80’s. Not even a one-hit wonder.
The song is about a breakup and the girl is stalking the ex. It also has something to do with the gate to his house (she’s waiting at it or going through it).

Do you know any of the lyrics? If you can enter a line within quotation marks on Google you might get it as a search result.

I know that and no, she does not remember any of the lyrics except something about “his gate”

My searches keep coming back to Is You Is or Is You Ain’t My Baby?:

It’s been covered by numerous artists over the years, but it’s a jazz number. Which isn’t to say that pop group couldn’t have covered it, but it also doesn’t sound very stalkerish to me. But for “his gate” searches, this is the set of lyrics that is returned the most.

Does she know whether the band was from the late or early '80s?

OK, this is a long shot, but could it possibly have been I’ve Got a Brand New Pair of Roller Skates (You’ve Got a Brand New Key) that someone did a cover of? The song has the jilted girlfriend riding her bike up to the guy’s door (rather than the gate), calling him up, and generally being a creepy nuisance.

It’s also been released as Brand New Key to add to the confusion.

Whoops, forgot lyrics.

Well then, good luck with that. :rolleyes:

More info.

She now says that it was early 90’s (1991-1993 most probably). It was in bubblegum pop style a la Bangles (but this was a no name band). The band was similar to the girl bands Prince made during that time and she thinks it had 3 members.


I’d vote for Missing by Everything but the Girl.

Kinda moody:

I step off the train
I’m walking down your street again and past your door
But you don’t live there any more
It’s years since you’ve been there
But now you’ve disappeared somewhere
Like outer space
You’ve found some better place
And I miss you - like the deserts miss the rain
And I miss you - like the deserts miss the rain

Nope not it :frowning: