Help me design a "clue trail" for my husband on his birthday

Hubby’s birthday is February 27th, and I think I’ve decided I want to lay out a clue trail for him to follow to some sort of reward. (For instance, he finds a note on the door giving him a clue to where the next note is located, etc. etc.) However, I suck at this sort of thing.

I will probably have the clues lead to a nearby hotel.

Get creative with me, dopers!

Oh, I love these things.

Try descrrptions of stuff. Like I normally do it in the house, so you can try simple stuff like “I keep your stuff cold!” Leading him to the refridgerator. Or you can try simply poetry. Or use the computer.

I don’t have many ideas, but this is fun.

A friend did something similar and had her husband go to the neighbor’s houses to get the next clue. And the neighbors acted out the clue somehow to make it even all that much more entertaining.

You gotta have a map! I don’t know if hand drawn or a real one, but you’ve got to have one.

Maybe you could come up with something memorable to the two of you – like “this is where your boss sat the time we had him/her over for dinner” or “this is where I tell you to look when you’ve lost your keys” or something like that.

Ever see that episode of Family Guy where Peter left a clue trail for Lois on their anneversery so he could go golfing?

Don’t do any of that.

Ooooo, Oooooo, Ooooo!

With the first clue, leave a small travel bag so he can use it to collect “other” items with the other clues he’ll find. You know…intimate apparel, items, cameras (if you’re inclined), movies, bottle of wine, chocolates, whips&chains, golf clubs (heh…uh, not)… you know…couples’ stuff.

A recognizable quote from a favorite movie or book leading to the next clue in the DVD case or between the pages. Probably not the first clue, because he might not get the whole “looking for the next clue” thing for one or two.

I second the idea of poemy riddles.

Having two clue pieces that don’t make sense until you have them together is a cool idea, and there are several ways to do it (simply, with two parts of one sentence, or really cool, with overlays so that you just see random noise until you have both together). But you’ve got to branch the clues somewhere down the line for that to work.

I love it! Keep the suggestions coming! (Poor hubby doesn’t know what he’s in for!) :stuck_out_tongue: