Help me find a perfume: clues...

My girlfriend wants me to buy her some perfume for her birthday coming up, so I asked her what kind she likes. Her response? Oh, anything, I want you to pick it out for me! :eek:

Well, dopers, being of sound mind and in this difficult position once before, I pressed for a little scope. Bulgari is out, and I got some clues on one that she likes. a) it is very popular, b) it is new, c) think movie star.

Anybody have an idea of what this perfume might be? I know it is the thought that counts but getting this right would definitely work in my favor! :wink:


Glo by J-Lo?

Since this thread isn’t about arts or entertainment, I have moved it to a more appropriate forum.

Maybe it’s “Manifesto” from Isabella Rosselini.

There is also a new one from Celine Dion called “notes”. She’s not a movie star but she’s famous.

Pretty much all I can think of, sorry!

It doesn’t sound like you’re picking it out for her at all. Just going on a treasure hunt.

Anyway, the first thing I thought of was the J-Lo perfume. I’ve never heard of the others mentioned.

Maybe it’s “Manifesto” from Isabella Rosselini.QUOTE]

That’s the one I wear, but it’s not especially new. Been out for at least 2-3 years.

Go to a snotty Department store (in Sydney it’s David Jones) and at the perfume counter throw yourself on the mercy of the really gorgeous woman there (from experience). Often they have samples in little vials that they will give you to test on the skin of your beloved. The women will help you out because they like helpless but considerate men. Works well in lingerie shops as well, though they seem to get shitty if you ask them to model the lingerie for you. Just joking.

There’s a newer JLo perfume out, called Still. This might be the one she’s referring to. I’m embarrassed to admit that I like Glow (haven’t smelled Still) - it’s actually very subtle, a nice light floral fragrance.

Three that are very unique, but a bit pricy:

Angel (Thierry Mugler) My Favorite
Alchemie de Rochas (Rochas)
Todd Oldham (Todd Oldham)

A couple of others that my SO wears that I like are Eternity and Obsession.

Here is a good site that carries just about everything (all of the above) and the prices are good:

Good luck

The OP is living in Paris! There are thousands of parfumeries there. If you enter any of them (I remember an outstanding one Rue de Rivoli), there will be lots of salesladies and men happy to help you with your quest. They are also very knowledgeable.

Is your GF American or French, btw? This might help determine whether the movie actress she means is JLo, Isabella Rosselini, or some French actress. Her age might also help - so I’m assuming that she wouldn’t be thinking of one of Elizabeth Taylor’s lines.

It could be Red Door - Revealed - its the new Elizabeth Arden fragrance being flogged by Catherine Zeta-Jones. It’s quite nice.

JLo Still or Glo both seem like possibilities as well.

Be classy, get Miss Rocaille (if it’s good enough for Beyonce…)

STILL by jennifer lopez?

my all time faves are allure (chanel) and eau d’issey (issey miyake)

If thats so there are quite a few Sephora locations there. Sephora is a very popular perfume store. Bring your clues to one of their sales associates, I bet they could help. If its popular- they’ll have it. Here is one location-
70-72 avenue des Champs-Elysées
75008 PARIS

Hey everyone, thanks for the help! Yes, as someone said, I am in Paris and there are a ton of shops to go to and check out the ones you suggested. I think it is probably one of the J-Lo perfumes, I take it Still is the newest one? Anyway, I never would have thought of that one, I always think of her as a singer…but I will go check it out. Just wanted to have a clue before walking in and looking lost!


ps. yes, it is a little like a treasure hunt - man, she’s always got me jumping through hoops… :slight_smile:

Since you are in Paris, you will have no trouble finding ‘Cologne’ by Thierry Mugler. It’s a nice little fragrance that either sex can wear.

(It’s only available in limited area in the US. I’ve walked into a few Sephoras here and asked if they had ‘Cologne’. Of course, I always get the response “Maybe. What’s it called?”)

I once saw a man walk in to the Sephora on the Champs-Elysées walk in and literally take a shower with the ‘Angel’ sampler. He must have used 60 or so squirts out of the bottle, all over his body. He took a couple of minutes doing it, and when he was done I wasn’t the only one staring at him. It was so odd. I hope he didn’t get on the subway that day.

I am a great fan of Robert Heinlein, and in several of his books he refers to a perfume that is called some dummy name like Jungle Lust, but ought to be called Justifiable Rape. (For Pete’s sake don’t jump all over me - I didn’t write it - or him, he wrote this stuff 50 years ago!).

Not every man responds that well to scent, but if I read your girlfriend right, she’s hoping you’ll come back with something that inspires that same sentiment in you. My experience is that even women who are not that into sex themselves love the idea of their own sexiness (via whatever sense, sight, smell, hearing, whatever) driving men wild.

Btw, I am a woman, and I’m certainly open to any gifts of perfume anyone here would like to make me. :smiley: