Help me find the perfect Bowling Shirt!!


As none of you probably remember i live in Denmark… and i just realized that i have actually never ever seen a person here wearing a bowlingshirt… amazing i know! but true nevertheless…
It is now time to change that… I must be the first bowling-shirt-wearing-type-guy in Denmark… and you must help me!

Im looking for something 70ies/80ies like… preferrably yellow with brown shoulders and so on… and with some local add on the back… likea pizzaplace or a chopshop or something like that… and ofcourse personalized… Size: XL or XXL

now do any of you cool dope ppl have one like that lying around you wanna get rid of? or maybe u know a secondhandshop that got shirts like this? if so, please let me know, ill pay almost whatever you want!

With high hopes,

Can’t I just look for your pants instead? :smiley:

I never wear pants… i dont belive in them

That makes things a lot easier.

THere’s a company that has a web site, also sells on e-bay, that has tremendous (some two tone) bowling shirts. It’s “cruisin’” something or other, but go to e-bay, hit search, and bowling shirt, and cruis* and you should get it. if I have time, I’ll find it for ya.

I tried Ebay it came up with 26 replies… but no “crusin” or anything like that… no real bowling shirts at all as a matter of fact… ill keep looking tho!


ok, Here it is Don’t say I never did nothin’ for ya :smiley: (though you might be able to get it for less on e-bay)

For the search, go to the search for items page. In the description part, put “bowling shirt cruisin” (I wasn’t sure how the company spelled it before) but, you have to also check the itty bitty box underneath that that says “check item and description”. I got a bunch of hits, some for kids shirts, some for t-shirts, but did find a whole bunch from the cruisin’ company, they were auctioning for a start bid of cheap (on the site they could cost up to $60) hope it was what you were looking for (My 16 year old was into them for a while)

Thanks man!

But please… all the rest of you dont hold back… the more to choose from the better… any online vintage clothingshops u know of that might have bowling shirts? let me know!

I ordered a shirt off of (which is run by the aforementioned Crusin’ USA). It is a retrobowler style with an ad for “Smokin’ Joe’s Red Hot BBQ” (some place in NJ I have never been). The sizes in that style run big and I love my shirt. I wore it to ChiDope2k and I was well loved by all because of it. It is red and black, not yellow/brown, but some of their other styles have those colors. Check 'em out.

Another place I discovered is which has a picture of [url=“”]the shirt that I bought{/url].

There are tons more places, just go to your favorite web browser and type “bowling shirts” in the search box!

Good Luck