Help me id this type font

See the words ‘Big Hawk’ in the upper left hand corner of this webpage?

What font is that? The ‘W’ is pretty distinctive…

I used identifont and it took a lot of questions, but Caslon Antique looks like a close match, or check out some of the variants and similar fonts listed on the left side of the screen.

Caslon Antique.

Why are the B and g wider in the logo, then?

Dunno, maybe for aesthetic reasons they stretched them when they made the logo. Wouldn’t be hard to do.

Because it’s not really Caslon Antique . . . or it’s someone else’s version of Caslon Antique. Most of the characters are different . . . notice the position of the dot of the “i” and the positioning of the “g,” relative to the baseline, and the upper hook of the “a,” etc., etc., etc.

This version–Caslon Antique (Group Type)–is a bit closer with the shapes of the ‘g’ and the ‘i’. The ‘B’ is still not as wide, and the ‘a’ hook is not exactly the same. And the edges are a bit rougher.

Still, it’s pretty damn close.

That’s what I was wondering. The whole look of that logo/font looks a bit amateur. Maybe it was just Caslon Antique with letters stretched, squished, and otherwise mangled into a mess. The whole thing looks off-balance to me.

But they used Papyrus, too! :wink: