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Several years ago I got a few a few random tracks from a band called “Charge” that I enjoyed. In the actual .mp3, at the end it stated that the song came from I have been unable to find any other information about them. If there is somewhere to upload the song I’ll do that. Here’s everything I know about them, help me track them down please…
• Definitely American
• From the classic rock vein, with pop sensability. Very tight professional processed sound. Something like Journey mebbe.
• Originally got from something called They don’t seem to exist anymore.
• Also did a fantastic solo guitar track “inspired” by Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn.
• Shazam failed me
• allmusic failed me
One song was called “How does it Feel?” Here are some the lyrics:

And telling me the pieces only fit a certain way
But nobody ever told me
That I might never get it together
But it’s allright…

How does it feel to be young
How does it feel to relax and know that you’ve only begun
How does it feel to be to over(?) the time
Up at the start of the crime

I still get high without a little help from my friends.
No one around to hold me
No one to guide me or offer direction
But it’s allright
No one around to hold me
No one beside me to offer affection
But it’s allright

Much thanks!

Several bands with that name. Only one American band, however, it’s such a generic name I’d bet there are dozens of pre-net bands with that name that are not on the radar.

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Thanks Astro. It’s definitely not them. I forgot to mention the vocalist was female.

From what I can tell the lead guitarist is Mark Cole. YOu can find a little bit about Marc Cole on google, but most everything is pointed to a defunt website.

Holy moley, that’s it! Bob, you rock! The teeming millions come through!!!