Help me name an airline

The title says it all.


You’re welcome.

Delaware Overseas Airlines

Fly DOA - First in the Air, First on the Ground.

Wayne’s Crazy Discount Flights

Buddy Holly Airlines.

Navigator Airlines

Penguin Airlines - “We fly like a bird”.

The Gladys L. Ferguson Airline
and Storm Door Company

Receding Airlines

Oceanic Airlines. :slight_smile:

Flying the Coop. (Sorry, I was re reading the Violently fought over a chicken coop" thread.)

Wing and a prayer air

Grace L. Ferguson Airline
and Storm Door Company

Hookers & Blow International Party Airline.

Ancient one:

Fly By Night Airlines

If you’re serving the Middle East, or the NBA: Air Jordan

If you want a lucrative advertising deal: Nike Air

If you don’t give a shit about legroom: Compressed Air

You guys definitely have a sense of humour.

NakedAir – we have the fastest security checkpoint in the industry.

Flying High Airlines

Monster Truck Air - We fly anywhere 12 bus widths away. “Pay for a whole seat, but you’ll only need the edge!”