Help Me Name My New Doggy!

Well, she’s not mine yet - but she will be when hubby and I go pick her up from the Humane Society tomorrow after work!

I only have a couple of photos right now, and neither one shows her cute widdle face, but I’ll go bonkers tomorrow night with the camera when we get her home. Here’s a link to the Yahoo Photos site: My Doggy.

Pertinent info: spayed (as of today) female; approximately 9 months old; mostly black with a little white on her chin, chest, belly, and toes; guessed to be Lab/Border Collie mix. In the “Good Girl” picture, you can see that she’s not very big - knee height or so on me (I’m 5’7"), and maybe 35~40 pounds (still a little skinny - we’ll get her to a healthy weight).

She was classified as “adoptable stray,” so we don’t know if she had a name in the past. The Humane Society called her “Mary,” but that’s not going to work for us. My first idea was Chelsea, and the second was Maya. FYI, our other pets are Stacy (cat), Zoe (cat), Baby (cockatiel we adopted with that name), Palila (parakeet - name means “bird” in Hawaiian), Rasputin (goldfish that won’t die), and Isabelle (other goldfish).

So, what say ye, Dopers?

You seem, like we do, to prefer “people names” for your pets. In that case, I suggest Mabel.

What a darling girl! How about Petra, Ellie, or Josie? Or Jennifur…

She has what appears to be a shovel-shaped marking on her chest. I’d call her “Digger.”

Failing that, Guinevere.

Josie! It has to be Josie!

I have a border collie/black lab mix and let me tell you, you couldn’t find a better dog! My bc/bl mix is 6 yo and his name is Joey…which is why you need to name your bc/bl mix Josie! Except that Joey has more white on his face he looks just like your pup. Her paws aren’t very big, so I don’t think she will be as big as Joey (60-65lbs) when she grows up.

Joey has been a great dog: playful, easily trained, very loyal and an all around wonderful pet. Enjoy your new pup!

Cookie. She appears to be black with a creamy white middle, like an Oreo. But “Oreo” is a terrible thing to try to yell down the street to get her to come home, and not just because of the racial connotations. Just try calling “Here, Oreo, Oreo, Oreoreoreoreore…”

Anyway. Cookie.

Wow - great suggestions!

Yes, Suburban Plankton, we do prefer “people” names for our pets. And I love Mabel!

Calliope, I love Guinevere, too. It was one of the other names I really liked - as well as your user name. I also like the fact that it means “fair” or “white” or something like that.

Now that I’m thinking about what I’ve seen so far, I like Calliope best! I have an odd affection for two-syllable nicknames that end with the long “e” sound, and “Callie” would be perfect. Plus, since she doesn’t make a peep (not that we’ve heard), it would be ironical and stuff. Yeah, I’m weird like that.

We go get her after work today, and I can’t wait.

I like the name Callie except I would spell it Kalli or Kallee… I’m not big on “C” names.

Another name that I think would be good for this dog is Maggie!! She looks like a Maggie.

She looks like an Elizabeth. Lizzy for short, of course.

Mabel was ruined by Mad About You for me. “mothers always bring extra love”. Blech.

She looks like she needs a bouncy name, though I like Maya a lot. I have friends who just adopted a daughter and named her Maya.

Bonkers ! Bonky for short :slight_smile:

I’m seeing her with a “B” name…Bella, or Betty, or Bonnie, or Bunny.

And huge, mad, super props to you for getting a shelter rescue. It’s a truly wonderful thing to do, for you and the dog. My opinion of a person always goes up if I find out they’ve got their pets from a shelter.

On the Mabel thing…Suburban Plankton forgot that our rescued Bassett was called Mabel by her previous owners…who would have dumped her at the pound (where she likely would have been put down) if we hadn’t stepped in. Our son changed her name to Katie. Ever since, the name Mabel is ruined for me. When I pointed this out to SP he was like, “Oh, yeah, I wondered why that name sounded familiar.”

Josie is still my fav, but I like Bella also.

Also, I forgot to say (in either of the above posts), Thank you for adopting a shelter dog. There are so many awesome, wonderful dogs out there just waiting for a family. It’s nice to see another one has found a home.


It is imperative that at some point in each person’s life, that person own a black-and-white doggy named “Socks.”

Thank you for all of your suggestions. In the end, I let hubby have the final word, since he’s the one who picked her out. (Unfortunately, he’s not as fond of long “e” names as I am. :D) She is now officially Maya.

She’s cute as can be, housebroken (yay!), loves car rides, and is waaaaaaaay to interested in the kitties for their liking. She knows how to sit and come here, but is not so sure about that whole leash thing. Or the “crate.” She adores her floppy bunny squeaky toy, rawhides to chew on, and a Kong full of peanut butter and a treat (she’s skinny - she needs the fat and protein!). But she was not happy when mommy left for work this morning. It’s a good thing we live 2.1 miles from my office - I go home for lunch anyway, and she’ll get company in the middle of the day.

I’ll have more pictures up at lunch time.

Thanks again!
Oh - and I would never have gotten a dog from anything other than a shelter/rescue. Unless I get my Cavalier King Charles or French Bulldog someday - you just don’t find 'em at shelters!