Help me name my new kitty!

The Superhero and I found a kitty at the shelter yesterday, and we brought her home. She still needs a name, though, so I humbly submit my request to the board for suggestions.

The kitty is a 3-month-old domestic shorthair mix. She is white all underneath and looks like she is wearing a black cape and hood (black ears, forehead, head, back, tail, with a white face, chest, tummy, and legs). She has white feet with a couple of little black spots on her legs. She has a black nose and perfect kitty eyeliner. I think she’s part himalayan because she has a wide, short face with great big eyes, and her fur is super soft. She is super playful, affectionate, and curious, three things we wanted.

She has also been through the school of hard knocks, having lost one of her back legs (when she was brought into the shelter at two months, she had a severely broken leg that was quite infected, so they had to amputate). Despite her 3-legged status, she runs, jumps, and gets around a-ok. It doesn’t seem to have slowed her down any.

This is the cutest kitty! She just needs a name. Any suggestions?

Do me and my late cat a big favour!! name yours ‘SCOO’

Reason? My Scoo had 3 legs 'cos she had to have one amputated after being hit by a car, awww go on do it…please!!

Rule number one: When informing us about a new pet, child, vehicle or any other new acquisition, always post a picture (if possible) so the rest of us can ooh and coo over said item.

From the description (cape, hood, and missing limb), I’d say


And keep the exclamation points, just to annoy the folks at the vet who have to type the name on her records.

Posted pictures possible? She sounds adorable.


Puss in Boot.

Kitty Galore

We had two three-legged cats; they had gotten tangled in their cords during birth and each lost part of their left hind leg. We took them in fifteen years ago to keep them from going to a shelter and they immediately took over the house. The male was always jumping after flies, and neither ever had any problem climbing or jumping onto windowsills or furniture.

The female, Muffin, died last year and the male, Long John, died last week. Long John got his name bacause when he walked he looked like he had a pirate’s peg leg. I can’t remember where we got Muffin’s name.

Just don’t name her John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. That’s my name… :smiley:


Verbal (from The Usual Suspects. He was a gimp.)

Hey, that’s My Name Too!

How 'bout: BatGirl?


(has to be pronounced so carefully, the NewKee “short for New Kitty, of course” … was a treat … and it was So much fun to watch people try to digest the name, past the part of their brain that only heard Nookie!)

no matter what you name her, I got a hunch she’ll end up being called “Sweety”

How about Selina? That was Catwoman’s real name (in Batman Returns).

Maybe Weaver, after Laura Innes’ character on ER? She’s my favorite onscreen gimp, and a pretty lady to boot. Plus it’s a good yellable name. If you name her variations on “Puss” or “Kitty” and you have or get any other cats, they may get each other confused.

Of course all cats have many names. Domino, who owns us, is also the Pasha, the Buffalo Prawn, Abu Amoud (Arabic for “Father Post”), Himself, and the Rare North American Land Orca. Sebastian, the babykitty who is working on owning us, is also the Kitten-Snitten, the Twerp-Squirt, and the Prince of Serendip.

I was thinking Julie Newmar…

Yup. I will attest to this.

screech-owl (who is owned by:

“Your Majesty” (as in "Your Majesty, please get off the keyboard’0
“Dammit Cat” (as in ("Dammit Cat, get off the keyboard)
“Hyper Kitty” (as in “Git the froggie, git the froggie!”
“Mud” (her normal name)
“NUANTH” (name unknown and unpronouncable to humans)

All the same cat.

Dawu - Aboriginal word meaning whiskers
Mangelk - Aboriginal word meaning safe
Asha/ Aisha - Arabic word meaning life or alive
Koshka - Russian word meaning cat
Or you could call her Tripper.

Scorsy (short for Scorsese)

I’m a fan of weird names, you see…

Where are the pictures?!