Help me pick out some BOAT SONGS!

I finally got on the iPod bandwagon and have a boat that I can plug it into, and need some boat related songs. Here’s what I have so far:

Gilligan’s Island theme
Deadliest catch theme (Dead or Alive)
Pirates of the Caribbean
I’m Your Captain (Grand Funk)
Sloop John B (Beach Boys)
Kokomo (Beach Boys)
Calypso (John Denver)
Titanic Theme
Love Boat Theme
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (Gordon Lightfoot)
Boat Drinks (Jimmy Buffet)
Pirate looks at Forty (Jimmy Buffet)
Where the Boat leaves from (Zac Brown)
Toes (Zac Brown)
Love Shack (B-52s)
Island Girl (Elton John)
As you can tell, the rules are:

  1. Boat related
  2. Stupid
    or 3. the boat sinks.

Michael, Row the Bow Ashore (slave song)
Slow Boat to China (Kay Kyser, etc.)
Don’t Rock the Rock (Hughes Corporation)

“*And the Band Played On (Down Among The Dead Men)” *-- Flash And The Pan

I’m Sailing Away – Styx
Sailing – Rod Stewart
Sailing – Christopher Cross

Styx’s Boat on the River from the Cornerstone album.

The Ganja Boat Song:

*Work all night on a line of coke (daylight come mon me wan get stoned)
Been so long since I had a toke (daylight come mon me wan get stoned)
Come Mr. Tallymon, tally marijuana (dcmmwgs)
Come Mr. Tallymon, fill my boat with ganja (dcmmwgs)

Load six bales, seven bales, eight bales - TON!
Six bales, seven bales, eight bales - TON!

Dooo-ope! Smok-ee do-o-o-ope!
Daylight come mon me wan get stoned*

Copyright patent pending…but…why bother?

I’m On A Boat - The Lonely Island. Music video (EXPLICIT LYRICS).

Ship of Fools by World Party

Ship of Fools by Robert Plant

Note: Different songs, same title

*Driftin’ Blues *-- various artists

O Barquinho (Little Boat) - Brand new translation

Clark Guy
The Ballad Of Laverne And Captain Flint

Lyle Lovett: If I Had a Boat

Isn’t the line about a Chrysler automobile that seats 20, and is as big as a whale (and about to set sail)?

In that vein, we could go with Wooden Ships (by either Crosby Stills & Nash, or Jefferson Airplane). Of course, I’ve read that song is actually about survivors of a nuclear war - sailing, not so much…

Banana Boat Song

Barrett’s Privateers !

Isaac’s Lament (Uncle Bonsai), about a guy who kills himself when he finds out that The Love Boat is being cancelled.

Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ The Boat - Frank Loesser, Guys and Dolls (also Don Henley on the soundtrack to Leap of Faith).

A Salty Dog– Procol Harem

Dawson’s Christian Spaceship, but… it’s a ghost story and the ship sinks. (sorta)
The Loch Tay Boat Song (this version is by the Corries, but I’d really recommend finding the version by Silly Wizard.)

Farewell to Nova Scotia

If you can find it: Port of Call by The Battlefield Band.

Take It Back by Jimmy Buffett

Ferryland Sealer This version by Great Big Sea

Captain Jack and the Mermaid by Meg Davis

The Mary L. Mackay (I prefer the version by Schooner Fare, but I can’t find it online.)

John Cook

Day of the Clipper (again, I prefer the Schooner Fare version…)

Fiddler’s Green is another good traditional song that I can’t find a version I like to link, now. (Schooner Fare did an excellent version of it, BTW) A nautical take on the Unfortunate Rake cycle of songs.

High Barbary by Heather Alexander

I think I’ll stop here before I go into pure obsession. :slight_smile:

“Everybody’s Talking”

Harry Nilsson cover of Fred Neill song.

Gordon Lightfoot: “Bay of Christian Islands”