Help Me Plan My SUPERB OWL PARTY (That Was Not A Typo)

The Irish comedian Graham Norton mentioned on his show he mis-read Super Bowl and thought it was Superb Owl. I thought that was pretty funny and, considering I and my friends are not exactly football fans, I would like to design a non-football party for next Sunday and call it the SUPERB OWL PARTY.
So, what would be some good things to do at a SUPERB OWL PARTY?
(It ought to be a hoot.)

Dissect the owl hairballs (I’ve forgetten the real name) and put together the little skeletons you find within. I did that in the third grade, although now I’d wear some sort of surgical mask because I know what it is.

Well, the music is easy enough – lots of Who.

Decorate with pictures of owls, the goofier the better.

Have everyone come dressed as birdwatchers. Again, the goofier the better.

Make cookies shaped like owls. Ice them in the appropriate owl patterns.

Try to find paper plates and napkins with owl or birdwatching designs.

Let us know how it goes!


Owl pellets! Those things are awesome. I reassembled a nearly-complete mouse skeleton from one in the 7th grade and mounted it on a piece of styrofoam. The teacher was thrilled.

Serve plenty of wings.

Invite owlofcreamcheese

Of course you’d have to serve CAN APES. :slight_smile:

“Come to Homer’s Fantastic BBBQ. PS- the extra ‘B’ is for ‘BYOBB’.”

“What’s that extra ‘B’ for?”

“That’s a typo.”

Yummy, yummy owl pellets are available here.

Yummy yummy? I can’t believe I said that…where’s a barf smiley when you need it?

Invite me! My screenname is the scientific name for the snowy owl. I could bring all my Audubon books and owl books and we could look at pictures and try to learn all the owls of the world. Instead of music we could play a recording of owl calls and try to learn them. Sounds like fun!

ETA: Sorry, completely didn’t see the date of the last post. :o

Who? Who?

So, DMark, how’d the party go?

Nyctea scandiaca

That was ten years ago! I have problems remembering what I did last Saturday…

So it hasn’t become a yearly tradition? I was so looking forward to Owl Day this weekend.

10 years ago, you should have served Tootsie Pops.

“Superb Owl” is an old joke and didn’t start with Norton or Stephen Colbert.

Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Owl’s who?

Yes, yes they do.