Help me remember an 80s toy line, if possible.

Watching Teletoon Retro’s 80s toy-commercial cartoon block got me thinking about a toy line I had a few figures from as a kid.

There wasn’t, so far as I know, a cartoon or comic book line associated with them.

They were contemporary with Masters of the Universe, as well as scaled and constructed like them - a generic hard plastic body, generic (and, IIRC, easily removable) arms, a rubber head, etc. All of the generic parts were pretty similar to the generic bits of MotU figs. I’m operating under the assumption that they were knock-offs of MotU.

They didn’t come with much in the way of accessories - a weapon and maybe a shield. Don’t think they had removable armour like many MotU figs did. Though they may have…I had a tendency to lose that stuff.

At least one of them had a light in his chest. Or he may not have been part of the same line - I never had him, my cousin did. I’m 99% sure he was, though.

Some of the heads were normally human-like, others were less so. I don’t THINK there was a good guy/bad guy divide on that note like in MotU or Thundercats. But that might just be my ignoring the stated factions and aligning the characters in ways that I liked.

The one I remember most clearly, because I really liked him, and he ended up as an ally of He-Man in my play was blue, and his head had pointy ears and a beak. I called him Vulcan, but that might not have been his name, but rather a name I assigned due to his pointy ears. Either he was nameless, or he was named something LIKE Vulcan, or Falcon, though, I’m pretty sure.

If anybody has any idea what I’m talking about, thanks in advance, if not…well, there isn’t a lot to go on, I admit, but I’ve seen this board make hits on less information.

Probably not it, but my first thought from your description is Silverhawks.

Also probably not correct, but my first thought from your description are the Visionaries

Thanks for the guesses, but those are definitely not it. They weren’t chromed, and definitely didn’t come with the bird accessories, and weren’t terribly well articulated (certainly not GI Joe level like the Visionaries are), and they were definitely in the same scale as MotU. They MAY have had holograms, but I don’t remember anything like that. I think the only holographic toys I had were a couple of Tonka’s Super Naturals.

Further specification… The molds were either identical to MotU, or at least similar enough to be as good as - specifically, aside from the scale, they were really heavily muscled, including really absurdly defined arm muscles, and the hands had the same sort of grip as MotU.

HAH! Found it! I was wrong on some details, but close enough to right to avoid embarrassment… There was, apparently, a cartoon, but I don’t remember ever seeing it. (Probably because it came and went before the toys ever came out…)

Blackstar. The one I called Vulcan is Palace Guard (see, he was (essentially) nameless), and the one with the light up chest would have been a series 2 figure, I think Neptul, specifically. Not quite as MotU-like as I remember, but close enough for a 20 year old memory.

Blackstar’s okay, but he’s no Thundarr.

Those are some ugly, poorly designed toys.

Wow, forgot about Blackstar. That was when Galoob was transitioning from low-end toy importer (the kind of company that made cheap poly-bagged stuff sold at groceries and dime store knock-offs) to a Matchbox-level manufacturer. I always get Galoob’s action figures confused with Remco’s.

I remember the cartoon for this. The half sword with the toy from the link brought it back.

Wow, I remember watching Blackstar, but can’t for the life fo me remember any of the characters that are the figures. I suppose I just remember the opening credits.

BTW…why are the demons equipped with a phallus?

Thundarr didn’t get any toys back in the day.

I loved the Blackstar character designs.
The demons were legitimately scary looking for a kid’s show.

I remember watching Blackstar too. I think its theme song was a ripoff of the Star Trek: The Motion Picture theme.

I mainly remember watching Blackstar because one time when I was watching it my grampa claimed “oh, good ol John Blackstar, I went to college with him”. Years later I heard him say something similar about some other character on a show my much younger cousin was watching.

I knew it was Blackstar as soon as you mentioned the “crystal” in the guy’s chest. Man, haven’t thought about that show in years. And it appears I owned about half the action figures, too, not counting the lame-assed non-posable gnomes.

Had a lot of the much cooler, but still non-posable imp things, though.

Trobbit? As in…Troll+Hobbit?


Blackstar…Wow thanks for the memories. Those toys are absolutely awful, although I loved them at the time. I remember I had the castle, mom got it for me in the sale isle. I guess no one was buying the stuff.

On a side note anyone remember CRYSTAR? Holy crap I loved those toys!
I would love to get my hands on a set just to put on a shelf and admire.
ok and maybe play with em…shhhh

Oh man I remember Blackstar and Visionaries and Silverhawks. Geez there were a lot of cartoons with crappy toys back then. I wish I would have kept my actions figures of them.

According to the Wikipedia article, it’s Tree-Hobbit, since they lived in a tree…

I really liked the demons, even if they weren’t articulated. They were flexible enough to partially make up for that. (The ones from the first two series, anyway…nobody I knew had any series 3 toys.)

Close enough to “hobbit” to make them recognizable, far enough away from “hobbit” to keep the lawyers from Tolkien’s estate off their butts. :smiley: