Help me remember the name of this First-Person Shooter Game!!!!

This is driving me insane. There is this great game I used to play and can’t remember the name of. Here is what I know.

  1. To enable cheat codes, you had to type “imawimp”

  2. At the end, you didn’t just have to beat the bad guy, you had to destroy all his eggs first or you didn’t get a good ending.

  3. It was not 3d rendered like Quake 1, 2, or 3. It was after Doom II though. Here is a list of the games it is not.

  1. I think the word “triad” or something is in the title. I am so close to remembering this thing, I’m losing my mind.

  2. It had a fun series of side games right in it, timed events and things you could do instead of multiplayer.

  3. There were occasionaly levels that you had to get through in a quick amount of time instead of just finding you way out like a maze.

  4. The gore was kinda’ cool. When you hit guys with rockets, they exploded big time instead of just dying. You could even type one code to get ultra gore.

Help me!!!

Rise of the Triad

Released in early 1995.